Julia Deutsch
Julia Deutsch 20 May 2016

Millennials Are Changing The World Of Advertising

The millennial generation can be a hard demographic for marketers to reach.

The Millennial Generation Evolution

Advertising and branding has grown in scope, depth and effectiveness. However, with great improvement the dilemma of over-saturation has arisen. One of the most media saturated demographic groups to date is the millennial generation.

Those aged 18-34 can’t quite remember a time when phones, tablets and the internet did not play a pivotal role in their daily lives. As the world of technology evolved, millennials grew with the changing times, seamlessly adapting to the technologies of the 21st Century.

The problem that rises for marketers is thinking of new and interesting ways to reach busy, young adults. Brand loyalty is no as common as it once was and with so many potential consumers there are some ways companies can entice audience interest.

Insight into the Millennial Mind

There are many assumptions about millennials. It is generally agreed  that this generation is entrepreneurial and purpose driven. Forbes Media CMO Tom Davis believes that, “advertisers can understand their motivations and desires to positively impact the world. Almost all still believe in achieving the ‘good life’ or ‘American Dream,’ but that dream is now focused on many ideas – from owning a company, to not having debt and becoming incredibly wealthy.

This non-traditional generation looks at advertising differently. For example, traditional life-stage event advertising, such as buying a home or getting married, doesn’t particularly connect with millennials.

Rather than have campaigns based on life stages, target millennials based on social groups. Focus attention and efforts on those who live alternative lifestyles, or those who support social causes and demonstrate social responsibility.  Influencers are likely to have a strong following by consumers whose identity is align with their specific of life.

Millennial and Digital Marketing

Marketers Pay Attention to These Tips

Quality over Quantity

Growing trends with the millennials show that their trust is places in peers and those they respect. As a whole, the generation is more sceptical of brands and the messages they send out.

To meet millennial needs, brands should invest in high quality events that speak to those influencers connecting with consumers. The organic, systematic marketing will reach consumers and drive them to become their own brand advocates and supporters.

Deeper Immersion

Technology and social media is the way that any  message will reach the millennial generation. Campaigns and content need to fuse a creative message with a social platform. To stand out against the noise, it can be suggested to investigate a unique tech experience in the form of a multi-sensory device.

Virtual reality at home is the expected way of the future. These soon-to-be affordable devices will lead mass market sales and are expected to have 24 million units in homes by 2018. Be on the cutting edge of a social media platform or technological advancements. Get your creative juices flowing and create a campaign that others will one day talk about as the brand that changed marketing.

Social Responsibility

This is not a new role in successful branding, but millennials are more informed than ever thanks to the prowess of social media and technology. This generation has a growing concern for issues such as obesity, gender, sexuality and equality. Brands must be more aware and sensitive to this issues as they plan. develop and produce content.

Listen to the Conversation

It is easier than ever to keep your finger on the pulse and stay informed to the conversations of millennials. Social media and the web should be tools to keep up on the latest trends and wishes of that generation. Sign up for alert systems, track bloggers and look to see what’s trending.

Make it Authentic

Connection is what millenials want. They want to discover brands on their own terms and not feel marketed or blatantly advertised to, as they are much too smart. Successful brands approach a campaign with the strategy of how can they complement millennials’ habits, passions and lifestyles.

Creativity is what will keep audiences engaged. A storytelling-led approach will ensure that a brand’s personality shines through as a foundation for an emotional connection made with the audience.

Millennial and Digital Marketing

Not an Easy Undertaking

Improving a brand’s marketing to millennials is no small task. Currently the majority of millenial marketing is done online, but don’t lose sight of traditional media. Marketing is always evolving in this fast paced world, but traditional media can still be effective, as long as it is used in conjunction with social media.

This millennial generation is very resourceful. If they are aren’t be inspired of catered to, they might just go out and create it for themselves. They are millennials after all!

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