Steven Rich, MBA
Steven Rich, MBA 19 May 2016

Here is How You can Rank in Google Top 10

Here are ways that I recently used to get my Blog posts into Google Top 10 more than just once. I provide advice as to how any website or blog owner can achieve the same success.

Here is How You can Rank in Google Top 10

Last March 28th, Google published new guidelines for how they rank websites and Blogs for their Search Rankings.  I read it, followed their guidelines, and even published an article about in LinkedIn Pulse Blog including direct quotes and a Summary of how Google currently evaluates and ranks websites and Blogs. 

You can read it by Clicking on this Link 

I have had nothing but success with my Blog postings since then including Google #1 for one keyword phrase used by over 3 million other websites and Blogs according to Google.  So far, four of my past Blog posts are all in Google Top 10 for at least one keyword phrase.

Let me explain how I did it.

Requirements to be in Google Top 10

According to Google, a website or Blog needs to have an overall good reputation along with expertise, authority, and trustworthiness regarding the topic and high quality written content. Google also looks at the author in the same manner: good reputation, being an expert and an authority regarding the topic and writes quality content.

Google also explained how it ranks Blogs. They must have high quality content, positive reputation, and topic expert, authority and trustworthiness of both the Blog and the author.

Expert Author

I am considered an “expert”, “authority”, and am trustworthy regarding topics I previously published online.  Google me by typing “Steven Rich, MBA” [Note: you must type the “ “ symbols to separate me from 1,000 others with same name].  Google has 10 pages about my online publications and me.  A few years ago, The London Financial Times quoted me as an “expert”.  Wikipedia has cited 12 of my online publications as an authority.  I developed my Brand “Steven Rich, MBA” so it has a very good online reputation. Me as the author helps with Google Rankings.

My first Blog post using Google Guidelines

On April 21, I posted on a Real Estate Licensing School Blog an article about real estate open houses.  By April 26, Google ranked it #2 for its main keyword which, according to Google, was being used by nearly 4 million Blogs and websites.  By April 28, Google ranked it #1 and has stayed there ever since.

Here is a Link

Continuing success

Three of my other postings in the same Blog also ended up in Google Top 10.

Here are the results of my search on May 16, 2016 regarding all four blog posts:

Real Estate Cold Calling Script that Works

Keywords: Real Estate Cold Calling Script    #4

Keywords: Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts  #9

Keywords:  Real Estate Cold Calling   #6


How to Conduct Successful Open Houses

Keywords: Conducting Successful Open Houses  #5

Keywords:  Conduct Successful Open Houses       #5

Keywords: Conducting Successful Open House     #9

Keywords: Conducting a Successful Open House  #18


Handling Typical Buyer Objections

Keyword:  Buyer Objections Real Estate   #7

Keyword:  Real Estate Buyer Objections   #7

Keyword:  Real Estate Buyer Objection     #13


Tips for Effective Open House Advertising 

Keywords:  Effective Open House Advertising   #1

Keywords: Conduct Successful Open Houses    #5

Keywords:  Effective ways to Advertise your Open House   #9


Here is how you can get multiple Google Top 10 for one keyword phrase

Support your new online publications with Social Media and online forums likes, reviews, and comments.  These will push the rankings higher for the original publication.

Here is an example (below) where Google ranks my Blog post #1 with my Social Media and forum postings supporting the #1 post.

This is a screenshot of Google Search Rankings made on May 18, 2016.  Notice that my blog post is #1.  Note that #4 is another posting I did on the Bigger Pockets Forum.  Also, notice that #6 is a Redfin Forum post I made about the #1 post.  Finally, #9 is a LinkedIn post I made explaining how the #1 post became a success.

That's 4 out of Google Top 10 all written by me.


How You can Get into Google Top 10

 Hire an expert, authority, trusted author on the topic who can provide quality content. Avoid ghostwriters, as they will not help your Google Rankings.

Build a good online reputation for yourself, your company, and its brands (products & services).  This can be accomplished through Social Media platforms to engage, develop followers who can post likes and good reviews.

Write consistent quality content on your web pages and Blog posts.

Maintain a steady online presence.  Upload constant fresh content daily or at least weekly because Google downgrades stale websites and Blogs.

In conclusion, using experts to write website articles and Blog posts will increase Google Rankings.  Provide constant fresh quality content.  Increase your online positive reputation.  Do these better than your competitors so your Blog posts and web pages can achieve Google Top 10 for their main keywords.

Steven Rich, MBA

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