Stuart Sankey
Stuart Sankey 17 May 2016

Digital Solutions: Proof Of Purchase Promotions

FMCG brands often ask consumers to provide a proof of purchase or to retrieve a unique promotional code to enter a promotion. Historically this has meant that production processes are changed to accommodate unique codes and winning tokens, creating logistical challenges and proving expensive.

Fortunately there are alternatives to changing a product’s production line.

Receipt Scanning (Mobile)

We are all used to taking pictures with our phones. Consumers can now just “Snap” their receipt and have their purchase validated digitally through their mobile or on desktop. No app download required. As well as providing great purchase insights and data for the brand, this mechanic also allows for simple or complex qualifying criteria. Eg. Spend £XX on Brand Y products and receive Z Reward.

Upon purchase validation the participant can be provided with their reward or alternatively if it’s a monetary prize, their cash instantly via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Batch Codes

Batch Codes are printed as part of existing production processes on all FMCG products. The number of individual items within a “batch” is dependent on the type of product, some have thousands (e.g. Shampoo) and others have handfuls (e.g. bread). If the volumes allow it, Batch Codes can be used safely as an alternative to unique codes to validate promotional participation.

Social Media

The widespread use of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook means that brands can create mechanics that use them. Consumers could be asked to tweet, post or DM their proof of purchase along with a lighthearted engagement e.g. a selfie of themselves with the product.

Quotient Technology (formerly is a leading digital promotions and media platform that connects FMCG brands, retailers and consumers. We have recently launched Shopmium in the UK, a mobile-first proposition that enables FMCG brands to win on mobile. Give me a call on +44 (0) 208 865 1999 or send an email

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