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Jaydip Parikh 30 March 2016
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How to create buzz for your brand on Social Media?

It is really very great feeling when people start talking about your brand, engage and actually become very curious to know about your services...

I believe there are two kinds of buzz , of course ‘Negative and Positive’ but this is something where people actually get entertainment, yes it's a fact!!! It’s a fact that ‘People will not get connected to the brands, but brands had to make people connected to them.’ Following this fact, on Social Media, we must explore or create such a buzz, where people get an involvement of them with brands emotionally and personally. If your still not convinced for Digital Marketing then you should check 36+ Important Digital Marketing Facts.


Being a Founder of Digital Marketing Agency, I can share Step by step guide to buzz for your brand on Social Media Platforms

1) Select Right Time To Create Buzz

To create buzz, it is extremely important to select and plan right time to boom the buzz on social media, as once it's gone viral and it doesn’t go the best according to you, then there will be a disappointment.  Now the question is what is the right time? For any campaign, it is must go step by step according to brand assessment terms. So before you create any buzz your brand reputation and your social media platform must be well maintained. Because when people will pop their eyes to your brand, they will surely look your social media platforms for a complete overview of the brand.  And if the reputation of a brand is not well or any controversy has recently got fired flames, then you have to face the negative PR, which is not at all good for your brand. 

2) Creative, Interesting & Super Engagement Story

If you are planning to create a buzz , without planning any interesting story that can go viral and attract as many as users, this will not work out!  Now how to make such a wonderful story?  To get the best story, first of all a deep research on all the social media and online contents and campaign is must, I am not asking to copy the concept. But you will come to know about people’s interest and what kind of stuff they are more interested in. You don’t need any great concept developer for this, after research and deep analysis about the public interest you will get outstanding ideas. Story planning is same like the movie, so you need to design and plan each and every action you going to do and make sure that your theme must be related to your own products and brand. 

3) Pre-buzz & Post Buzz Maintenance

When you are ready with the Buzz Story, don’t just Boom it like a blast all of sudden. Always do release teaser or start giving notifications with some topic discussion or blinks about the stuff you are going to boom with a buzz. Many of the marketers don’t do that and face issues.  If you will start pre- buzz maintenance this will help you to attract the niche and target audience who are actually interested and understanding your brand.  If there is something wrong with your idea, you will be able to easily fetch or estimate how things can work.   Similarly, it is equally important to be ready with Q & A, reviews and very prior to react carefully and as soon as possible when social media engagement with people starts. That is the main time when your brand gets hike and if your story really means great for people, brands become successful to made people connected to you. 

4) Optimizing The Buzz & Make It Go Viral

To just boom and interacting with people is not at all possible if it doesn’t get optimized well socially spread.  You must take care that your content should be so enthusiastic and compelling that with  more number ‘Likes’, ‘+1s’, and ‘Thumbs Up, it must and must  get a share or reshare a lot. Hashtag (#) is a very important way of natural back links for your entire social media campaign.  In fact, ‘hashtags are called Social Media SEO Keywords!’ Thus, don’t forget to create a special #Hashtag for your campaign.  Make sure, you target right buzz at right social media platform where people related to your brand and are interested in your brand or product are available.  You can even do paid promotion on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest of it. 

These 4 Steps definitely help you not only to create publicity about your brand, but awareness and better online marketing keeping the expectations of customers in mind. Of course you will get more traffic of visitors on your website and it will increase your sales too. So do share with me if you have exciting methods of marketing.  Comment here if you have any queries or need any suggestions! 

Sandeep Sharma
Sandeep Sharma

Really informative post about all seo guys.
Thanks for sharing with us

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