Ira Kaufman
Ira Kaufman 10 March 2016

Are You A World Class Digital Leader?

Three months ago in preparing for a presentation at the World Marketing Summit in Tokyo, Professor Philip Kotler, the grandfather of modern marketing, challenged me with the question- What does it take to be a world-class digital leader?

Having led workshops and consulted with senior executives on five continents on digital marketing and transformation, I incorporated current research with global executives to develop the following criteria for -- what is a world class digital leader.

Criteria: World Class Digital Leader


  • Live the values of the global digital mindset
  • Foster customer and employee centric culture
  • Hunger for ongoing learning and change


  • Design active, digital first listening strategy
  • Integrate capacities across all media, between generations & functions
  • Operationalize real-time decision making, leveraging data for all touchpoints


  • Deconstruct the business model to generate breakthroughinnovation
  • Deliver efficiency- flatten structure to encourage collaboration
  • Leverage millennials’ talent with executive expertise


  • Drive customer advocacy –passionately riveted on end-to-end customer experience
  • Scale brand, power conversations, mobilize influencers
  • Grow competitive position, optimize network connectivity


  • Sustain business model by adapting it to the possibilities and imperatives of changing technologies
  • Incorporate “quadruple bottom line” as the standard to mobilize consumers, empower employees, prosper community and generate shared value for investors

Please benchmark yourself against this criteria and comment, suggesting additional criteria.

I welcome your input and participation
Ira Kaufman, Digital Marketing and Transformation Strategist

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