Stuart Sankey
Stuart Sankey 23 March 2016

3 FMCG Brands Providing Real Value Through Owned Media

In the FMCG arena, a lot of attention is given to the need to build up your brand’s mailing list by attracting new subscribers & social media followers – but less attention is given to how brands can keep consumers engaged and rewarded once they are on these ‘Owned Media’ lists.

It is important to remember that consumers on your Owned Media lists are your most valuable; they’ve given your brand something of value (their details) in the expectation that they will get something back: this is the ‘Value Exchange’. There are three types: news about promotions and discounts, exclusive content and continued support from your organisation.

By providing real value through Owned Media, Brands have the potential to turn subscribers and followers into Brand Advocates – and that’s an opportunity you do not want to miss.

Here’s how three well-known brands are providing this value.

1. Boursin UK Recipe Channel

Boursin has created a ‘YouTube channel’ featuring TV chef Marcus Bean.

Subscribers receive helpful information from the brand in the form of clear simple recipe videos featuring Marcus, with a link during the video to see the full recipe. On some recipes they receive extra value in the form of a digital printable coupon link within the video, giving them an exclusive discount.


2. Vita Coco

Fans of the Vita Coco Facebook page receive uplifting and inspirational content, all of which reinforces the brand’s positioning as refreshing, natural and healthy. These fans also receive exclusive promotions to encourage repurchase and loyalty.


3. The Saucy Fish Co

The Saucy Fish company encourages sign up to their mailing list directly from the home page of their website. Of the three examples it is the clearest demonstration of how the ‘value exchange’ can work well. They offer advice, inspiration and helpful information to those subscribed to their mailing list, as well as the occasional ‘reward’ in the form of an exclusive discount. To read more about the Saucy Fish Co click ‘here’


Is your brand taking advantage of the benefits of Owned Media? Review your communications plan for your mailing list, subscribers to your blog and video channels and make adjustments if necessary. Through Owned Media you have the potential to develop ‘Super-fans’ of your brand and that’s an opportunity you do not want to miss.

Quotient Technology (formerly is a leading digital promotions and media platform that connects FMCG brands, retailers and consumers. Are you looking to reward consumers through your Paid, Owned or Earned Media channels? 

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