Laura Stack
Laura Stack 16 March 2016

11 Dos & Don'ts for Your Video Content Marketing

By the end of this year, it’s expected that video will account for up to 60% of all mobile traffic, so it’s not surprising that you’ve started thinking about drafting video into your marketing strategy.

We’ve put together some of the most common traps marketers fall into so you don’t have to find out the hard way.

1. Don’t think a long video will impress your audience

.. It’s more likely to bore them. You’ll have lost more than a  third of your viewers by the one minute mark so keep your video as short as possible, without losing your message. Remember, many TV ads are only 15 seconds long.

2. Do keep your message simple

Have a single theme for your video and don’t try to include too much as it will confuse your audience. If there’s lots of information you want to get across, make a video for each individual piece of information. If your user wants to know more, they’ll continue to click to the next video. This tip also helps to keep your video length down.

3. Don’t take a DIY approach

.. Unless you want to invest in an in-house production team. Amateur video gives the impression of an amateur company and low quality video on your website will lose it credibility and may well harm your conversion rate. Want to see the difference between footage filmed on professional equipment and that filmed on an iPad? Watch our video below.

Professional vs Amateur Video from Bespoke on Vimeo.

4. Do optimise your video

Use the tools available to you to maximise your video’s searchability, which includes correctly filling out titles, descriptions and tags. Write detailed descriptions which includes keywords and phrases that will help your video be found. Also, make sure your video is the best format for the platform you’re using - refer to the website’s guidelines on this.

5. Do promote your video

500 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. While good optimisation practices helps users find your video, you have a lot of competition. Use your social media channels to share your video. Send out a link in your next email newsletter. Let your audience know it’s there.

6. Don’t make your video a sales pitch

Online video is a great way to subtly market your brand, so don’t put users off by being too sales-focused and promotional. Instead, offer them some advice and build their trust, so they make a connection that your brand equals knowledge.

7. Do use your logo and brand

As a minimum, package your video top and bottom with your company logo. A moving logo works well to front your video and end with a call-to-action like a website link. Best practice involves getting the brand and logo into your actual video footage. Put signage in the background, ensure staff are wearing branded uniform and place branded merchandise on surfaces.

8. Don’t overdo the visuals

Overlaid graphic text and images should only be used if they add to the value of the video or are necessary to highlight key points in a complex topic. Don’t simply repeat information that can be heard in a voiceover with text over the top as this is distracting. In most instances, either use a voiceover or text explainers, not both.

9. Do use good background music

Background music can help to set the mood of your video and give it a completed feel. Most films have a musical soundtrack running through them, which sets the mood and builds suspense without being overpowering. Avoid using free commercial music that sounds cheesy, it’s better to pay for music you feel really represents your brand well.

10. Do be conversational in your language

If your video has a voiceover, it needs to be scripted. The written word is different to the spoken word, so write it how you would say it using natural, everyday language, humour (if appropriate and not forced!) and without jargon. Remember, you’re trying to make a personal connection with your audience.

11. Don’t expect too much

Creating a viral hit is challenging and only happens to certain types of content, namely entertainment. Think quality over quantity when it comes to views. Statistics show that almost half of viewers will take some kind of action after watching it, which includes continuing to research the topic, making an enquiry or even making a purchase, so even with 2 views, you can say you’ve made an impact.

Bespoke has a team of video specialists that can help you with all things video from planning to production. Get in touch on 01772 591100 or email

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