Otoabasi Umonting
Otoabasi Umonting 21 June 2016

Want More Leads & Clients? Build Trust!

Every business needs a 'Trust Building Process' - do you have one? Trust is an underused term in business, mainly because most of us believe that we already have it dialed in. In our minds, we think - "as long as my products and/or services are the best, then people will line up to buy"... er, not really! Your competition is saying the same thing. What differentiates you from them is where your trust building process starts.

The idea that you are the "best" there is, and no one is doing what you're doing can keep you stuck in your own little world of illusion, while your competition is "stealing" away your market.

I could talk on that forever, but let me cut to the chase here...

Let's look at what's involved in a 'Trust Building Process'

Build a solid brand

I'm not saying do this to compete with Apple or Google. I'm saying this to get your mind racing on what's possible, even if you own a small business.

Branding is something most people tend to overlook, mainly because they feel it's not that important; or in some cases, think it's only about logos, letterheads, and some graphics here and there.

The truth is, people are now very skeptical about businesses, especially online, and this is due to the scams floating around the web.

I did a web review for a guy from one of the Facebook groups I belong to, and his website didn't even have a logo. The content was all over the place, and it was hard to really put a finger on what his business was all about.

Some people believe that owning a website automatically creates a solid online presence. It's a start, but if it's not well designed or optimised, then what you own is a poorly done online brochure, with limited power to drive sales.

Your image matters here as well. The pictures you use, the posts you put out, videos, Ads, your business card, brochures, flyers, banners, billboards, etc. All these elements are part of your brand, and if you're nonchalant towards them, then you're prospects will respond the same way to you.

I understand that in some cases, the budget to get these things done the right way may not be there, but don't stay in the state of mind for the entire lifespan of your business... step things up!

Trust what you do

Back when I was involved in network marketing, my approach revolved around push selling; I would walk up to random strangers and try to sell them into joining my team.

The primary issue I had was that I didn't believe in the product I was promoting. I was only after money, and regardless of how "passionate and excited" I was about getting people to "see the opportunity", I didn't get anywhere.

There are a lot of people in industries, jobs, partnerships, businesses, etc, that they do not like, and they are too afraid to admit it, and have also become too comfortable to leave.

The problem here is that, sooner or later, the curtain will be pulled back to reveal the truth. The average consumer today is no longer fooled by gimmicks (especially in ads), and they can easily pick out when your "passion" is forced. This is the problem with most sales people... they just want to make the sale, but they don't believe in the product.

If you don't trust what you do, then stop doing it. If you don't believe in the product/service, then stop selling it!

Give, give, give, and give more!

The subject of giving is not a pleasant one for some businesses. I understand that in most cases, it could seem like a waste of time and/or resources (especially if you give away information, and end up with no leads or clients). It depends on what you're giving away and to whom!

It takes a mind of abundance to give. That is the shift one should consider making in his/her mind.

I've be asked several times why I give so much information away through my posts. These are information I could easily charge a lot of money for, but I choose to give them all away.

Why's that? To build trust and visibility! If I came to you and said - "Hi. I'm a marketing consultant, and I can help you get more leads and drive sales" - what would be your response? You can comment on that below!

I learnt a lesson from one of my online mentors back in 2010. He said this - "You must be willing to give than receive, before you can have" - that quote has stuck with me since then.

Not everyone can or is willing to do it, and the idea that hoarding information is the best approach is what's keeping most businesses where they are. This is the age of content consumption, and people can't get enough of it. If that's the case, then why shouldn't you be the one they get them from?

Your opinion matters, and even if your niche already has "thought leaders", you still have a voice. The internet has given us a level playing field with big brands, and if you're not ceasing the opportunity to gain visibility through trust, then you're leaving money on the table.

A business that focuses on giving, helping and supporting, is a business with foresight.


In order to have an effective 'Trust Building Process' patience is also a needed ingredient (especially if you are in the service based industry).

Trust that you can deliver, by demonstrating that you can, through what you share or do. Trust that you know who you want to serve, by building solid rapport with people. Trust that your products and/or services can help people because they are more client-centric, than you-centric.

Just in case it crossed your mind... you also NEED to trust your prospects, to work with them. If you notice anything fishy about them, then walk away and save your integrity. So yes, it's a two way street... but it starts with you, the business owner.

It's now a 'Trust Economy' people, and we can't escape it.

To your success!

Otoabasi Umonting

P.S - Are you a consultant, coach or service provider who wants to thrive as a Trusted Adviser? Click the image below to get this free report:


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