Eren Kocyigit
Eren Kocyigit 17 February 2016

How Retail And E-Commerce Marketers Can Be Useful To Increase Mobile Usage?

To increase the number of loyal customers, marketers need to do more and being there at consumers’ ‘I-want-to-know’, ‘I-want-to-go’, ‘I-want-to-do’, and ‘I-want-to-buy’ moments. Marketers need to be useful by providing relevant information when consumers need it. Thanks to the increase of mobile usage, being useful is more achievable than ever.

Mobile technology provides a rich understanding of the context around consumers’ underlying intent and that context gives to brands some very powerful clues to be more relevant and useful for consumers at their moment of need. Being useful at these moments is very important for marketers because by providing utility to their customers, they prevent users from leaving the brand forever.

According to Google and Ipsos, only 9% of consumers will remain on a mobile app even if it doesn’t satisfy their needs (for example, to find information or navigate quickly). In this post, mobile marketing insights and best practices for different mobile moments, such as ‘I want to know’, ‘I want to go’, ‘I want to buy’, and ‘I want to do’, will be put forward for retail and e-commerce marketers.

Best ‘Being Useful’ Mobile Marketing Practices for Retail and E-Commerce Sectors

I-Want-to-Know Moments: At ‘I want to know’ moments consumers are in an exploring mode. In this micro-moment they want useful information and sometimes inspiration.

Retailers can be useful, for example, by giving further info regarding some products when the consumers are in a store. This may be achieved by using beacon technology.

E-commerce brands can be useful for their customers by using, for example, in-app popups that appear in front of consumers who are having a hard time navigating within the app.

I-Want-to-Do Moments: According to Google and Ipsos, 53% of smartphone users feel more favourable towards companies whose mobile sites or apps provide instructional video content.

For both retailers and e-commerce brands, adding instructional product videos to their mobile sites and/or apps can be a way to ‘be useful’ at the very moment their customers are trying to understand the product.

I-Want-to-Go Moments: According to Google and Ipsos, %61 of smartphone users say they’re more likely to buy from companies whose mobile sites or apps customize information to their location.

For retailers, showing a nearby store where a particular searched-for product is in stock can be a good example of being useful at ‘I want to go’ moments.

For e-commerce brands, sending tailor-made offers via interactive push notifications, by targeting specific locations like malls, shopping centers, etc., it’s a way of being useful and catching customers who are at ‘I want to go’ moments.

I-Want-to-Buy Moments: At these moments, customers should be encouraged to purchase in whatever way suits their needs, whether in-store, on mobile, via call center or across devices.

Enabling mobile payment via NFC (for retailers) and providing easy and quick payments with appropriate user experience within the mobile app (for e-commerce brands), are examples of ‘being useful’ tactics at ‘I want to buy’ moments.

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