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jane brewer 15 December 2016

Top 10 Expert Tips to Build Mobile Apps: Key to Success

Mobile apps have to be developed with precision right from its ideation to deployment to ensure its success after launch. Here’s what you need to know.

It goes without saying that mobile is the lifeline of today’s era. Giving a deep thought on it, it can be asserted that what makes this device so useful is the number of apps supported and its mind-blowing features.

While the functionality and features are inbuilt, users are given the power to increase the utility of phones by using these features in combination with apps as per their preferences. Mobile app development companies have studied about varied needs of smartphone users, resulting in creation of app for various industries and domains.

Over 2 million apps have an existence in the App Store, but only top ones find a place in user’s mobile phone. Why do some apps become users’ favorite while some simply go unnoticed? This blog discusses few key elements that contribute to the success of your mobile app and increase chances of acceptance among audience:

  1. Validating your App Idea

You may an app idea in mind already, but wait, how good does it sound to others? ‘Others’ over here refer to experienced market research analysts and techies from mobile app industry domains. No matter however unique is your idea, if it doesn’t match user’s behavior pattern, current market trends or does not have much utility, your app development efforts are bound to be futile.

  1. Employing the Best Resources for the Project

Who would you choose or trust to work on mobile app development project: newbies or experienced resources? A team full of newbies would eat up a lot of time for development as they do not have a hang of how things can be paced up. So this is not a good idea.

Neither is a team full of senior developers and designers a wise choice. If all senior people are employed to work on small development efforts, overall costing of project increases. It is preferable to have a mixture of junior and senior people in a team to look after the budget and time restrictions of the project.

Utilize the experience of seniors who know the possible challenges that come up in the way of development and innovative ideas of juniors to get the best outcome.

  1. Build a Robust and Fast Performing App

That circle with dots going round and round while your app is being loaded is the last thing users want to see. Since the start of project, concentrate on using optimum, optimized and minimum code to increase its run time speed.

Simple to use and fast performing app has greater chances of finding a permanent place in users’ mobile phones.

  1. Define a Set of Target Audience

Who will the end users of the app you are planning to develop? The answer to this question has to be specified before started development or designing as this factor will decide how basic or advanced UI should be used for your app.

If your target audience includes people who are not tech-savvy, then advanced or complex UI would not be appreciated. In fact, they would not use the app at all considering as not user-friendly. However, if you are sure that group of people using your app is mobile freak and knows a thing or two about technology, you should opt for advanced UI as very basic one would make it look monotonous for them.

  1. Decide the Platform for Deployment or Launch

iOS, Android or Windows: what’s your preferred platform? Before you answer this question, know that you should base your reply in accordance to the defined target audience. For example, if upper class sophisticated people forms a major part of your target audience, you can choose to launch your app on iOS platform. However, if middle class group is your target, it would be wise to choose Android platform.

For those targeting both the classes of people, cross platform or hybrid app development is a sound choice.

  1. Test and Retest Mobile App

Check, cross-check and test your app ‘n’ number of times before deploying. Not that you would not be able to make changes to it later, but the way you serve your app to users at first is of utmost importance.

Let the testing be done by different testing engineers to detect all possible bugs in the app. If your budget permits, you can even hire QA test engineer and get your developed app up-to-date.

  1. Publicize your Mobile App before Launch

Creating a buzz of upcoming mobile app among your target audience is one of the most effective ways to increase number of downloads for your app. Create a webpage and promote your upcoming app there. Try to increase the number of visitors to that page by posting regularly about the features and functionality of the app.

Build user engagement by narrating how this new app will solve your problem or how does it add value to life. This way, it becomes simpler to get traffic for your app after its launch.

  1. Offer your App to Audience at a Reasonable Price

In case of paid apps, it is necessary to conduct a market research to find out the rates other apps charge users for using the full or premium version. Price your app as per the current market rate, not too low not too high.

  1. Set a Budget and Work on development Project Accordingly

An app development project budget has to be set in advance to streamline operations accordingly. Randomly using money on resources and advertising would not reap you expected returns. Map a chart of money you are going to invest in mobile development and returns you expect to get a clear idea of budget that should be set for the project.

  1. Write a Compelling Description

Description that is shown in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store has to be informative and descriptive to give a complete idea of how app functions to a user. This description is a deciding factor whether to download the app or not for those who are unknown to the app.

Besides description, screenshots and video of app also contributes to explaining the concept of app to user.


Following these top 10 tips to create a mobile app and dedicatedly working on its design and development aspect will unlock your door to success.

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