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Janet Scott 3 January 2017
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Smartphone Trends That are Going to Prevail in 2017

With a number of exceptional development techniques ushering in smartphone trends, 2017 seems to delight users and offer them exceptional devices.

Smartphone trends keep evolving from an year to another bringing some of the most striking innovation at users’ disposal. As the technology in the current domain is growing by leaps and bounds, users are getting a chance to explore some enticing smartphone features. Year 2016 saw the arrival of low-cost mobile phones that were functional enough even having a reasonable price. As the trends in mobile development keeps changing we are going to reveal the ones that will prevail the next year.

As smartphones have become the most important part of today’s user’s life, they want their devices to be a wonder gadget. A number of mobile development companies have already included intriguing features in their smartphones. This helps the users to perform a variety of tasks on their smartphones only. As the current year is passing by ushering the way for the new to come, smartphone users are going to get delighted in the year to come. Mobile devices will get thinner, faster and perhaps more smarter from their older versions. 

Virtual reality will lead the market in 2017 and smartphones will be designed with sleek animations, engaging graphics, higher screen resolution, and more storage space. The gadget will be designed to offer a superb user experience. Wireless earphones and jacks will also make their prominent mark the next. Here is a glimpse on the smartphone trends that will prevail in 2017.

Innovative designs

Smartphones have already evolved in terms of design in the past few years. Year 2017 is also going to see a lot of action in this particular domain. One of the prominent rumors that is prevailing about the design in Apple phones is that it is going to offer a facelift to its decade old smartphone design. Samsung, on the other hand, is planning to launch folding smartphones in the year to come. 

Fast charging smartphones

Well the trend had already been introduced in the smartphones launched this year, it is expected to remain the same the next year. A number of smartphone companies are working to develop innovate ways so that it could take the least time to charge smartphone’s battery. In addition to developing batteries that could charge fast, companies are also working out on smartphones that have exceptional backup. 
Wireless smartphone accessories

Well smartphone accessories like headphones have traditionally been developed having a wire that connects it to the device, it is expected that giant smartphone developer “Apple” is going to remove its headphone jacks and will stress on bluetooth technique majorly. This means Apple users will get to experience lighter and thinner devices as a result of removal of headphone jacks. 

Smart devices

Lenovo’s Phab 2 pro enhanced smartphone’s functionality to work smartly in terms of recognizing objects, mapping out rooms and acting as brilliant device to figure out connected devices. This showcases a perfect example of designs for smartphones that are going to be resourceful the next year. Including brilliance in smartphone designs is always going to augment user’s experience to the next level altogether.    

Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth 5 is the newest extension to the older Bluetooth 4.2 version. Smartphones in 2017 are expected to include this amazing technique. This new add on has got two times the speed and four times the range of its older Bluetooth version 4.2. Bluetooth 5 connection is designed to cover larger area that could stretch up to 400 meters. Connecting Bluetooth 5 to your smartphone would aid in operating bluetooth from your phone only even if the device is at a longer distance. 

Quick operating chips

With faster chips in mobile devices, smartphones will have a faster operating speed, the apps will run quicker and smoother. Qualcomm (the world-leader in 3G mobile technology) has announced the inclusion of Snapdragon 835 that is to be installed in the premium Android phones by top mobile app development companies in 2017. This will uplift smartphone’s storage power, which is always going to delight the users.  

Final Verdict

Smartphone trends in 2017 are going to get bigger and better. The whole idea behind bringing innovation in the design is to offer a never before user experience. While revolving around the concept, world-leader in smartphone development have came out with exceptional ideas to delight the users in the upcoming year. 

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