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Ashfaq Ahmad 5 December 2016
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Gain User Behaviour With Usability Testing During Mobile App Development

Usability testing is important during mobile app development process. This is because it can help you in knowing how the audience respond to your app idea.

With the huge demand for mobile apps, a large number of companies are engaged in providing high-quality mobile app development services. If you are the one who offers app development services to your valuable clients then you must be well-aware of usability testing. According to most people, it is the key element in the app development process. This is because the testing will help you in determining the user interface you choose is best for your audience or not and how they respond to it. In addition to this, the testing finds information in different aspects of the app so that you can understand the requirements of user and how you can optimize the mobile application for your customer. 

It is said that by performing usability testing, you can know how the colors of your app work together. The testing can even inform you if you're missing some pop-up messages such as notifications and you can also ask confirmations with some features. If you are confused about the menu and submenus, then there is no need to worry as testing can clear your confusion. It is seen that before releasing the app, developers check out all of the buttons and makes sure that people with big fingers can efficiently use your mobile app. In this context also usability testing can help you see if all the buttons are working as they should work. Thus, there is no exaggeration in saying that it is the perfect technique for improved app performance and better user engagement.

However, you should not forget that testing should be performed at the right time. In this regard, there are some important tips which should not be overlooked:

Start At The Beginning Of The Development

The testing should be conducted at the first stage of mobile app development because this can test out your prototypes and determine what is best for your user. By performing it at the first stage, you will not only impress your audience, but will be able to save time and money. Furthermore, with usability test sessions, satisfaction ratings, error rates as well as success rates can be easily determined.

Perform Testing At The Middle Of The Process

The mid-project testing can help with new design ideas. It can help developers in finding any issues and in determining the need of any adjustment before completing the development work. 

At The End Of The Process

If you are performing usability testing at the end of the development phase of your project then testing can discover any kind of minor issues and allows you to make sure that all user interactions have been built correctly. 

These days, people see numerous mobile apps and if any app is not pleasant to the eye and isn't consistent, then they will not take a minute to delete the app. Hence, there is no exaggeration in saying that usability testing is of utmost importance. So, take out the time to test your mobile app constantly throughout the app development process and you will be amazed with the results.

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