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Neil Capstick 13 December 2016
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Business Tips & Tricks To Try In 2017

As a business owner, are you ready for 2017? To stay one step ahead of the competition and meet the challenges ahead, why not try out some new digital ideas and methods? This will help your business improve its visibility and growth, not to mention profit margin.

Digital marketing has gained a lot of popularity during 2016 with small, medium-size as well as large businesses. Some expert marketers believe internet space is going to expand even further with more companies entering the digital world. Let’s face it, the online marketing industry is large, versatile and volatile. The sooner you strike the right balance, the easier things will be for your business. 

There are a number of digital online business tips, tricks to try and experiment with in 2017. Incorporate as many as you can into your business strategy, embrace new techniques and digital marketing trends. According to many experts, 2017 is going to be more competitive than ever for online businesses.

To help you have a successful 2017, here are some business tips and tricks to try:-

  1. Social media (boosts your posts) – give your social media business content a boost. Give your content a paid boost for a small fee on Facebook Ads and PPC. This will help get your products and services message out to thousands of unique users.
  2. In-serve video advertising – the increasing dominance of video ads is set to continue into 2017. Although this type of digital marketing technique is nothing new for social media giants like YouTube and Facebook, the latest news is that Google is entering the fray with in-serve video advertising. This changes the whole spectrum of online advertising and provides an increasing acceptance of video ads among users.
  3. Advertising, generate new business online – one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways of generating new business online is to use the bid and tender specialists. Use professional bid and tender writers especially if you haven’t tried this method of generating new business before. You can then focus on your core business while experts complete the bid or tender writing for you.
  4. E-mail marketing – trim your subject’s e-mail marketing revenue by reducing your lines to only one word. Remember to choose that word carefully. It should induce curiosity while staying relevant to your message. With the right word, your e-mail marketing success rates will increase.

The year of wearable technology and Smart devices


In the last few years or so, we have seen the unveiling of the Apple iWatch, Google Glass and the Moto 360. These Smart devices can be worn on-the-go helping to keep the wearers connected with the digital world. 2017 will see more of such Smart devices and wearable, innovative technology. These could change the entire landscape of marketing. 

Digital marketers will be focusing their attention on wearable technology that could diminish online marketing and real marketing. Business owners need to be aware of this new type of digital marketing concept. If you’re not sure, use the services of professional wearable technology and Smart devices expert marketing firms.

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