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Michael Peggs 21 December 2016
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Apps & Tools to Help Increase Customer Satisfaction

76% of consumers say they view customer service as the true test of how much a company values them. Check out our list of the best apps and tools to help increase your customer service.

Live chat, help desk tools, ticket systems, customer portals, etc: the number of digital customer management tools available for business is growing everyday. it's never been easier for businesses to keep track of sales and handle consumer inquiries and complaints.

With tools that help make customer support a lot easier, your business will have more time to focus on other important tasks, like coding a website, developing products, conducting important research, etc.

In order for these tools and apps to work for your, however, you must first decide which ones will be worthwhile for your business. Here are some useful tools and apps to help your organization better care for it customers and keep them happy:

SurveyGizmo  -  Don't underestimate survey tools;they can actually be very helpful. SurveyGizmo in particular is designed to help businesses get customer feedback. Unlike other survey software, it also offers you the power to perform any type of in-depth data collection as well as an expansive toolset to report on the data and integrate the information into your own business processes. Pricing varies depending on which plan you choose, ranging from Basic to Team Edition. All accounts have access to free features such as CSV/Export, Standard Reports, Unlimited Question and Responses, etc.

ZenDesk - This company “builds software for better customer relationships”. ZenDesk is a large versatile customer service platform that offers plenty of tools and software to businesses of all sizes. Even startups can benefit with the tools they need to not only get started, but to scale quickly and efficiently. Some of the available tools include email ticketing, mobile SDK, help center, live chat, etc.

Get Satisfaction - This customer community platform can be embedded anywhere, and it’s easy to deploy and configure. With Get Satisfaction, your organization can implement self-service customer support capabilities. You’ll be able to design a customer community with gamification features. The community easily integrates with other CRM and help desk solutions (including ZenDesk), as well as marketing platforms such as Facebook, Marketo, and Google Analytics.

Temper - You can actually measure customer satisfaction with Templer. It also offers the tools you need to conduct research and work to improve customer satisfaction. For instance, one feature helps you to pinpoint specific areas that need improvement and notifies you when you need to act.

Crazy Egg - This platform provides heat map software to allow you to see what people are doing on your website and why they are not converting. How can you provide customer satisfaction if there is a conversion problem and people are not buying anyway? Could the problem be with the content? Perhaps the wrong keywords are being used? If there is a problem with the UX design, Crazy Egg will help you identify it so that your web design team can fix it. Arranging for them to acquire additional training might be a worthwhile investment.

Until your customer satisfaction rate is 100%, there is always room for improvement. Even when it is 100%, you must continue to work hard to maintain it.

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