Chiara Di Rago
Chiara Di Rago 25 August 2016

How to Make Sure You Get Booked for More Influencer Campaigns

Whether you are a full time blogger or not, you want to eventually be able to make money from your blog. This is not to say that all bloggers blog to get paid. You do it because you love it. Here are three tips for landing more jobs as an influencer. 

You’re passionate about what you blog about and you want to express it. But like in anything there’s people we look up to. For bloggers/influencers these may be the Zoellas or Caseys of the world because they are hugely successful at what they do. But they all started at the bottom too. They had to work hard to get to where they are today.

Don’t work with brands you aren’t passionate about

It’s far more difficult to write about things we are not passionate about, simply because you don’t connect with the subject and it becomes a job instead of something you love. Your lack of interest in the subject or brand will reflect in the content you produce. As an influencer you should always ensure that the brands you are working with align with your audience.

Make sure when you work on campaigns, the content you produce is of high quality. Ensuring your campaign content is good improves the odds of other brands wanting to work with you in the future. It will also make the marketer you worked with want to work with you in the future.

Sponsored posts are also often boosted on social media which is another reason to put your best work out there.

Never work for free

Part of marketers being considerate is paying influencers for their work. You’ve worked long and hard building your audience and you should not lend out your time, original content or audience for free. Working for free creates a culture of exploitation. Marketers are not paying influencers “because there’s more than enough of them that offer their services for free”. If you set the precedent that bloggers do not work for free less brands would feel comfortable with asking influencers to work for free. A great way to ensure you get payed for every job you do is joining an influencer marketing platform. 

Don’t be a hater

When a brand is considering working with you they will, in many cases, do a thorough online search. If you have had a bad habit of brand slamming or putting brands you have worked with in a negative light, it’s very unlikely that brands will want to work with you in the future because they don’t want to experience the wrath of an angry brand slammer. Not only do brands not want to work with brand slammers, they are not going to get any return on investment working with you if you’ve put them in a negative light in the past. Your audience will not believe the products are great because not so long ago you were having a rant about the brand.

Going back to the point of not working with brands you aren’t passionate about, readers will quickly pick up that you’re being a hypocrite. Remain authentic to your audience and don’t be a hater.

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