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Bhavesh Koladiya 16 August 2016
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How Hotel Management Software is Revolutionizing Hospitality and Digitalizing Workflow

Love the way technology has eased itself into the daily lifestyle of people! With the increased automation and quicker operations, I couldn’t help but notice the interesting turn of events I have had lately.

Last time I checked into a hotel, there was this tidy manager doing all the paperwork, writing down the traditional receipts for the bills and keeping a record of the same all through for every customer.

However, lately things have taken an uphill trend in this industry by the introduction of Hotel Management Software. An engineering innovation on its own, this software has revolutionized the hotel management industry causing a whole swarm of happy customers and highly profitable business ventures. 

Why do you Actually Need this Software are in the Current Scenario?

The answer to this question is three fold and there is some interesting aspect which has actually come to light.

First, Technology has taken an advanced level. One needs to keep up with the market trends so as to survive in this competition, and a greater effort all the same is needed for thriving in it!

Secondly, the dynamic features made available by this software listed on SoftwareSuggest, not only deliver robust solutions but also increase the performance standards on the whole.

Finally, you can have better insight into your business and analyze the various aspects to ensure higher financial standards.

Key Features of Hotel Management Software

  • Full functional automated system for bill payments
  • Decentralization of the system through segregation of various departments for greater functionality
  • Fully customized design solutions with a great user friendly interface both for the customers and the business organization
  • Highly secure database equipped with various strategies for data updation and retrieval
  • Great themes with visualization aspects to monitor the growth of the industry with respect to the current market standards
  • Modular analysis of the generated reports with feasibility solutions and concepts for integration of new ideas
  • Reduced time complexity and greater consistency in dealing with the clients
  • Automated response system for dealing with the queries of various clients
  • Critical integration of modules like Invoice generation, online billing, Inventory systems, Cost analysis, Risk factors, etc
  • Cross platform synchronization for extensive compatibility with various tech devices
  • Can be hosted on internetworking systems for better facilitation of operations
  • Incorporation of cloud technology and latest tools and widgets


  • Reduced paperwork
  • Automated response systems ensure greater customer satisfaction and ultimately leading to higher rate of customer retention
  • Time and space efficiency is maintained thoroughly, facilitating better economic standards and financial gains
  • Complete and integrated monitoring of the various departments
  • Critical analysis of various sectors and detailed report generation facilitates greater ease of improved decision making in terms of current market statistics
  • Easy integration of the software into the mainstream operations leading to greater productivity
  • Decentralization is effectively achieved
  • Highly secure cloud based hosting services


  • The most important concern of all is the security service offered by the corresponding software. Any lack of the same poses potential disaster for the organization
  • Lack of easy to use interface can lead to complexities and thus reducing productivity in general
  • Technical glitches in the software are potential threat to the easy functioning of system
  • The software requires periodic updation for better performance. Lack of the same can lead to malfunctioning, thus creating a negative effect on the whole system
  • Failure of the core module creates a chain reaction thus shutting down all the other modules

Top 5 Hotel Management Softwares

Listed below are a few hotel management softwares which have inadvertently made their mark in the international market.

  1. Hotelogix

Highly centralized and deeply integrated web-based software, this software is the one most popularly used in more than 75 countries and is successfully thriving with its reselling policies in more than 22 countries.

  1. EzeeAbsolute

Popular in more than 87 countries, this software is highly quipped with the latest cloud technologies and SaaS services. It has great availability of 40 international support centers and is highly favored due to its prompt services

  1. Roomsy

Considered one of the best hotel management softwares, this one provides the users with an exclusive 30 day free trial period. Also, it has a great collection of modules available in terms of the services offered.

  1. ParTech

This software delivers comprehensive and excellent enclosure services in terms of restaurant and retail and has exquisite hardware reliability along with the software compatibility, backed up with full time international support systems.

  1. ProLogic First

Comes equipped with various specializations, this software offers a plethora of intelligent decision making services dedicated to the hospitality industry. Its user friendly interface facilitates greater popularity of the software amongst the hotel management authorities worldwide.

Testimonials About Hotel Management Software

“This software has performed exceedingly well. My business profits have increased after I started using this software and I would definitely recommend this for others too.”

  • “Excellent software! Very user friendly interface, advanced management options and greater profits! Definitely worth the investment!”
  • “This software has excellent user interface and matches all business requirements. Highly recommended!!!”
  • “I run a successful chain of hotels and this software has helped me manage by services better. Excellent work!”

How is this Software Revolutionizing the Hospitality Industry?

Research suggests that nearly 79.2 percent of the hospitality industry has successfully incorporated the hotel management softwares into their mainstream business. Around 85.7 percent of this population is highly satisfied with the effective business improvements since the inclusion of the software.

Judging by the statistics, such high estimates are imperative to analyze the growth of the industry since the application of this software. It has not only facilitated greater business objectives but has also created indefinite potential for better customer service standards, thus completely revolutionizing the hospital industry.


The hotel management software is quite worth an investment when compared to the highly reliable features and super effective solutions it offers. Also, with the implementation of new technological standards and effective market strategies, this software is destined to deliver greater efficacy in business solutions, thus revolutionizing the hospitality industry on a highly massive scale!

Mehul Shah
Mehul Shah

Nice article bhavesh, As you have mentioned how hotel management software is changing the hospitality industry same way we at callhippo are trying to change the way the communication & customer support is being handled by businesses. We are providing local numbers for more than 40+ countries around the world with variety of features like call recording, call forwarding, call queuing, IVR, make calls from browser, forward calls to your smartphone etc. So we believe that a business should never miss a call even on the go.

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