Manuel Yanez
Manuel Yanez 18 April 2016

Be Transparent or Disappear

Advertising today is not about shiny objects it is about being straight forward with the consumer and engaging in conversation

Media has changed drastically. Brand building through traditional media is now less effective as new opportunities have emerged.

Digital media and the democratization of information are the main challenges facing brands today.

As broadband has become accessible to everyone the capability to watch and download video and audio has changed people’s conduct transforming them from passive watchers to active participants. Media plans have not changed at the same velocity, brands seem to not be clear on which is the best way to communicate with audiences and millions of dollars are still poured into TV as the best way to do so, leaving small percentages to radio, print and digital.

What has been happening is that digital media is being considered as BTLor in the best of cases as part of the media plan but with very little investment. Digital will never show it’s potential this way.

Digital has to be considered as part of the media mix. Brands, agencies and everybody have been immersed in Social Media and the web for more than a decade. The way people and companies interact changed radically and the only way to take advantage of it is to integrate marketing and communication strategies from one single point of view: Where is our target audience and how are they interacting with media.

The second part of the equation is vital. The way audiences interact is transparent which has lead to the democratization of information. Media does not decide any more what and when to communicate a message. All information is accessible to everyone at any time.

If the message is not transparent the consumer will know that something is not clear with the brand and will let people in their social circles know immediately.

Communication is ubiquos, which is a great advantage for brands if they know how to capitalize on it. Today as never before brands have the possibility to be present in people’s lives at every moment. The challenge is to do the work, get to know the audience as never before crunch the data do the numbers as to be able to transparently and profoundly communicate with them. For that, brands have to know themselves as well or better than they know their audience.

A perfectly designed brand identity will be able to relate to millions of people with shared values and world vision.

A brand built based on a trend or a beautiful logo has very little chance to survive in a world where brands are part of people’s lives. This social groups are perfect for brands to become leaders or if they are dishonest and intrusive be expelled from the circle. It will take millions of dollars to return, if they are allowed.

Strategy should be, not as it has been up to date adding a Digital Department to the structure, but by rebuilding the way media is viewed and used from a preaching stand to a participative and integral view.

No more is it about having a fantastic and creative idea and film some beautiful ads to be aired a couple of months. Brand presence should be permanent, based on a communication strategy that allows it to be part of the conversation and that adds value to it.

Being able to build trust on the brand generates purchase and re purchase of products and services. Stop thinking about isolated messages. It is a 24/7 job.

Today brands have the great opportunity to engage and build strong relations with consumers that last a long time which can translate on very successful companies. The Magic is to do the work or not to listen and disappear.

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