Cassandra Leonard
Cassandra Leonard 29 April 2016

App Updates: What Do They Mean For Your Business?

Chances are, your app store has never seen more updates than it has in the past few months. Social media platforms are continuing to rapidly transform, and the best part is, they’re putting businesses in the forefront.

With all of the hype surrounding algorithm changes and new features, it can be hard to keep up with who is doing what. 

This blog covers a few app updates that can revolutionize your social media marketing, including:


Page Usernames

Facebook is making it easy for people to find and connect with your business. Page usernames can now be created so it is almost effortless for people to find your business. Soon enough, your company’s username will appear on your Company Facebook Page beginning with an “@” symbol.

This update will allow users to search @Bluleadz for not only our Page, but directly in Messenger as well, promoting simple yet direct communication.


When Facebook first launched its separate Messenger, you probably had the same thought I did: “Another app… why do I need another app?” Though reluctant at first; today, over one billion messages are sent on Messenger each month and a lot of this communication is business-related.

To encourage connections between businesses and visitors, Messenger Greetings have been created. Messenger Greetings allow businesses to personalize a message that will appear to the user, before the conversation has even started.

Another awesome feature, flying under the radar right now, are Messenger Codes. By simply scanning the code within Messenger (similar to adding a friend on Snapchat by Snapcode) a conversation thread is started instantaneously.

Try it out using our Bluleadz code! Open Messenger ⇒  People ⇒  Scan Code

These Messenger Codes can be placed on your website, social platforms and, most importantly, on ads, encouraging people to reach out directly.


While Snapchat was originally known for pictures and videos that were gone in the blink of an eye, the app has recently honed in the on the chat part of Snapchat. Chat 2.0 was released in March, two years after version 1.0, in addition to the updated auto-advance of stories.

Snapchat is breaking down barriers that messenger apps once built, by incorporating all facets of communication. The app allows face-to-face pictures, live videos, text, drawings, and uploaded images all in the same place. Businesses can now reach their audience in a variety of ways, on a more exclusive level.

“What we love most about the new Chat is how easily you can transition between all these ways of communicating — just like you do in person.”  -Snapchat

The Auto-Advance Story feature provides much more visibility for businesses. By posting on the Snapchat story, viewers don’t even have to physically click on your account to see your content. This feature has been coined the “fastest way to catch up with your friends,” getting your message seen more quickly and frequently.


Launched on April 5, Twitter now includes a Message button on individual Tweets. It is now simpler than ever before to share a Tweet using the Direct Message feature. The update grants more opportunity for direct conversation while providing more accessibility to shared content.


We recently published a blog post all about Instagram’s 60-second videos and upcoming algorithm change, but here’s a brief overview:

Instagram has moved forward with their video initiatives by extending video times and upgrading the ability to record live footage. A video on Instagram is no longer limited to 15 seconds; now a minute-long video can be uploaded and shared. This 45 second increase allows businesses to share much more information and free range for creativity. The ability to record a video without ever leaving the appleaves users to document moments on the fly.

The algorithm of Instagram is also taking a powerful turn in the world of business. The new algorithm will show images and videos based on relevance to the individual user, rather than a timeline.

Businesses now have the opportunity to build a relationship with their users and show content to those who really care. The potential obstacle to overcome this is reaching new audiences, who may be presented with other companies content or varied interests.

To learn more, feel free to download our Social Prospecting Workbook to learn how to use social media platforms to your advantage, and find new leads!

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