Aaron Harris
Aaron Harris 30 September 2015

What Is Your "Emmys" Moment At Work?

What if our job has their own Emmys?

This is what my HR asked me earlier this day. As I wrote this the Emmys were still going on and it made me wonder what if our job has their own Emmys?

No, it’s not like Employee of the Month which awards one person because of his/her hard work and dedication in his/her job. You don’t actually just award one person and suddenly end the Emmys, right? Because in Emmys, almost every part of the production team is recognized for their part.

So anyway, let’s get back to my HR asking me some Emmys related question. She blinked her eyes a couple of times and looked at me as if I owe her an answer.

Well, I did wonder if our work has its own Emmys. I imagined lots of people falling in line and waiting for the real “celebrities” to come and introduce themselves. And everything would be extravagant!

Instead of Best Female Actress in Drama, or Outstanding Male Actor, we will have the following:

  • Best Team Members – Your team won’t be able to achieve your monthly goals if it wasn’t for this little fella. Energetic, dedicated, and optimistic, any team with this awardee would always be a winner!

  • Best Boss – It’s 2015 and we’re totally over with those super stereotypical managers that snort cigars and shout at anyone who ruins their day. Best bosses know how to communicate with their people while instilling a positive authority that keeps the team intact.

  • Outstanding compassionate officemate – These people are not only good at work, but they’re also good at being humans, being compassionate and being able to help each other out outside the desks. If you need someone to talk to, they’re the people!

Or something like that. I’m not sure, but I think the Emmys for work will definitely work out.

So I’ll be doing something crazy tomorrow (and I think you should try out, too!), and I hope this won’t screw up.

Just like that, I’ll be holding an Emmys that will award each and every one of my team.

But why should I award everyone? I mean, that doesn’t really make sense, right?


But why..

It is simply because I believe that everyone deserves to be awarded. I believe that in a company, an achievement is reached when 2 or more people worked hard for it.

So in general, I do believe that the moment we come at work and we do our, that’s already an Emmy moment!

How about you, if you will ever receive an award, what kind of award would that be? Do you think you really deserve an award?

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