Julia Deutsch
Julia Deutsch 18 September 2015

Villoid, The Latest Fashion App

In a few words, Villoid is Instagram for fashion with a buy button

Just as in the digital world, fashion is ever changing and evolving. Recently the transition from bricks and mortar stores to establishing and securing an online presence has received overwhelming momentum amongst well-known design houses and their up and coming counterparts.

The Evolution Of Fashion With mCommerce

It’s not simply fashion brands actively using social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, to raise brand awareness and acquire new customers. mCommerce has grown considerably in recent years, allowing consumers to browse, research and purchase.

With roughly 59% of smart phone owners in the UK accessing the internet everyday from their device, eCommerce companies, in particular fashion brands, are realising the power and potential of the smart phone. Around 33% of fashion purchases are now made from mobile devices.

What Is Villoid?

Villoid Fashion App

Style darling Alexa Chung and knowledgeable techie Jeanette Dyhre Kvisvik are the latest to bridge the offlline/online gap, with the launch of their app, Villoid.

“I found the social platforms I was on limiting in terms of expressing my involvement with and insatiable appetite for fashion by way of street style.” –Alexa

In a few words, Villoid is Instagram for fashion with a buy button. Described as “your very own endless dressing up box” where users can “play, share, buy and love,” let’s take a closer look…

Fashionistas rejoice as the app couldn’t be simpler to use.

How To Use Villoid

Villoid Fashion App

Users can receive news and sales updates from their favourite brands, create a “wish list” of products they love that can be shared with their friends (in time for birthdays and Christmas), get alerted to when styles are popular by their community…and then buy, buy, buy the items they want and need the most.

Additionally, users can share their unique fashion point of view by uploading photos of products, style mavericks, and bloggers they love to create a fashion mood board, that all friends can see and in turn, be inspired by.

Comparisons to the much beloved and classic Clueless scene, when Cher styles and picks her day’s outfit using a computer wardrobe have been made in plenty to Alexa’s and Jeanette’s new app. The truly great thing about this app is it reinforces the idea that what’s hot in fashion is decided by “the people” and not solely the fashion editors of popular magazines.

Clueless Computer Wardrobe

“Only 5 years ago, a few fashion editors would decide who and what was cool. Today that power has shifted to the people.”–Jeanette

The app is already available for free on iPhone and will be rolled out shortly for Android, so fashion lovers, keep your eyes peeled. And that’s not all! Apps for fashion enthusiasts are being delivered so often, it’s hard to keep track.

What’s Next?

With Fashion Month already underway (and London Fashion Week about to start!), we’re sure to see start-ups and established fashion houses release new and/or improved responsive sites, social media campaigns, but in particular, apps.

Stay tuned
as we follow the recent fashion tech developments.

Interested in creating and developing an app? Feel free to drop us a line.


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