Jan Zajac
Jan Zajac 21 September 2015

The First Edition Of Fanpage Trends UK - Trends In UK Brand Communication On Facebook

It's an honour for me to present the first issue of Fanpage Trends UK - a free report on the Facebook communication of the best UK brands from 11 different categories.

It’s an honour for me to present the first issue of Fanpage Trends UK - a free report on the the Facebook communication of the best UK brands from 11 different categories.

Fanpage Trends

Our set of Trends reports - first Fanpage Trends for Facebook, then Twitter Trends, followed by YouTube Trends - has always been one of our most important marketing tools. We started to publish them over 4 years ago for Poland. At that time, we didn’t even know what “content marketing” is, let alone that it was even called that. Nowadays the report has grown to 51 categories, 200 rankings total, and 17 k Facebook pages analyzed. Every month it attracts 50-100 k visits and is often shared by popular bloggers, celebrities, youtubers, and of course, brands. We have even created a case study about these Trends reports.

Taking this into consideration, we want to prepare similar reports for other markets which are invaluable to us. For almost 1 year, we have been publishing Trends Reports for Indonesia. Now, after strengthening our position on the UK market, we’ve decided to publish the first Fanpage Trends for the UK. Of course, we are going to extend the report to new categories, as well as more social media channels (like Twitter) soon.

What Was Trending In August 2015?

As for trends in the UK in August, there we’re some pretty interesting things going on. We found that the largest Facebook fanpages were Coca−Cola in third, Cadbury Creme Egg in second, and leading the way with almost 4.7 million fans. Interestingly, the most engaging fanpages were Britain First, ASOS, and None of which had a large amount of fans compared to the biggest pages. Just goes to show that you don’t have to be big to be effective on Facebook.

Highlights From The Report

The most engaged post came from ASDA as they tried to defend their users from a scam. There was a link going around on Facebook about getting a £100 coupon for back to school supplies. Turns out it was just a way to get people to give out their personal details. ASDA got on top this month doing the right thing and making sure none of their fans fell for it.

On a lighter note, the fanpage for the beverage brand innocent was doing extremely well in August. They’ve we’re the most engaging beverage brand by far, with 82 k fans engaged. The next closest brand in the ranking, Pepsi Max, had only 35 k fans engaged for comparison. They’ve been doing so well by making light and funny posts about various topics, only occasionally promoting their products. Our favourite by far was the adventures of their 4th floor stapler, as they take it to different places around the world. Even though it explicitly states on the stapler: “4TH FLOOR. DO NOT REMOVE.” Making people laugh is always great for engagement.

As we’ve seen from our analysis about porn on social media, it seems that people with far-right wing political views tend to be pretty engaged on Facebook. The nationalist Britain First party was both the largest and most engaging political fanpage. They even managed to grab the second spot for most engaging post with a video of people knocking over graves entitled “Muslims destroy graves of soldiers.” A controversial topic to be sure.

Those were just some of the highlights of the report. If you want to get all the juicy details, be sure to Read The Full Report.


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Find out more on the future of Content Marketing at our DLUK - Trends briefing on the 24th September 2015





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