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Digital Doughnut Contributor 21 September 2015

Periscope: A Quick Guide For Getting Started

So what is Periscope? Periscope allows users to broadcast live to anyone anywhere

The latest social media platform making a lot noise, is Periscope, the video streaming app from Twitter. Video is a medium everyone is learning to tackle as it gains more and more traction as an impactful tool for engagement and interacting with customers, clients and followers.


So what is Periscope? Periscope allows users to broadcast live to anyone anywhere right from their smartphones. This is a powerful tool especially for business. We recently started broadcasting, (or “scoping” as it’s called), on marketing and have put together tips for getting started with Periscope:

How To Use Periscope:

Getting Started:

  • Start by downloading the Periscope app to your phone. You can then set-up your account by logging through your Twitter account. This will pull your profile information and image.

  • From this point forward, when you launch the app you will be brought to the broadcast screen displayed by the “TV” icon on the bottom menu.

  • The “TV” screen displays the broadcasts of the people you follow. Just below the live broadcasts are a list of replays from other recent broadcasts from the people you follow. Each broadcast only lives for 24 hours. Just select any to watch.

  • The “Globe” icon at the bottom on the screen allows you to browse through all live broadcasts around the world.

  • The third icon on the bottom menu is a “Camera Lens”. This is where you set-up and start your live broadcasts.

Tips For Hosting A “Scope”:

  • Develop a killer headline. The headline is what tells followers what your scope is all about. It should be attention grabbing but also inform viewers what they are going to learn. Emojis are can also be used throughout the headline.

  • Turn your location settings on or off using the arrow icon. This is a great feature if you are at an event or venue you want people to know about. However, be aware of filming from home or a location you don’t want people to know about. The location setting can be very accurate.

  • The lock icon allows you to host a private scope with a select few followers.

  • The person in the speech bubble icon allows you to monitor who can chat throughout the scope. It can be set to either everyone on Periscope or a select group of followers.

  • The Twitter icon allows you to send a Tweet to your account saying you are live with a link for your followers to join in.

  • Before starting your broadcast make sure your phone is either in airplane mode and/or “do not disturb” mode so you don’t receive any calls or notifications during your broadcast. Just make sure you are connected to WiFi.

  • When you “start a broadcast” know that the camera will start be facing out so it is a good idea to have the camera on your website or image you want people to see first.

  • To turn the camera around, just double tap the screen.

  • Once you hit the “start broadcast” button, you are live so start talking.

During The Broadcasting:

  • Conversation bubbles will appear in the bottom left hand corner informing you of viewers and their comments. Be sure to welcome people as they join.

  • Ask questions throughout to engage viewers by typing their answers in the dialogue box.

  • You’ll see hearts streaming along the right hand side. These are the equivalent of applause. Each viewer has about 500 hearts to give per broadcast. These hearts help with your visibility across the platform. A viewer can leave the broadcast and return allowing for the heart count to start over again.

  • Invite viewers to swipe right to share the broadcast.

  • Keep it simple.

  • Keep it clean.

  • Keep the length to a couple of minutes.

  • Remember the broadcast is live and goof ups happen. Just keep going and know practice does make perfect.

  • Swipe down to end your broadcast.

  • You can autosave the broadcast to your phone or use the app to record and save your broadcast. As your scope will only last for 24 hours, you can then download save your scope to YouTube or Vimeo.

  • After the broadcast you can then see who participated and send them a quick “Thank you” on Twitter.

  • You will also be able to see who viewed the replay

Tips For Finding Followers:

  • The great thing is that Periscope is linked to your Twitter account so finding your Twitter fans is as easy and selecting the three person icon in the bottom right hand corner of the app.

  • This is also how you access your profile. First select the three person icon then select the one person icon on the next screen at the top right hand corner to display your profile information and to manage your settings and to see past broadcasts.

What To Scope:

  • Product Demonstrations
  • Remote focus groups using the private broadcast feature
  • Q&A with customers or clients
  • Direct conversation with customers and clients

Periscope is fantastic for reaching a new audience and for bringing a new perspective to your brand or products, literally. Additionally, using tools to for saving your videos and distributing them to other websites such as YouTube and Vimeo companies don’t have to spend huge production budgets to directly communicate with customers. Have you started using Periscope yet? If not, don’t forget that early adoption is key reaching more people quickly and growing a following when using a new application.You can find The Wine Key on Periscope @thewinekey. We hope to see you on a scope soon!

Charlotte Chipperfield, Founder & CEO.

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