Aaron Harris
Aaron Harris 22 October 2015

What Comic Cons Can Teach Us About As Professionals

Let's go back in time when you still wear that cape and that DIY mask that you created using some cardboard paper.

"Comics are for teens, kids, and youngsters only"

If you’re a grownup who actually said this recently, then I’m sad to say that you already made yourself 20 years older. Like seriously, you really made yourself too old.


I admit that I have a thing about comics. Although I’m not really updated with what is happening on the world of Marvel, I can proudly say that I am familiar with the majority of characters shown in today’s Comic Con.


Now, professionals like you (and maybe the 32nd person who reads this) could never find the real benefit of Comic Cons. You might be saying:

"What things could I learn from these millennials wearing costumes?"

Now, let’s go back in time when you still wear that cape and that DIY mask that you created using some cardboard paper.

What did you feel when you wore that cape/blankie? What did you feel when you wore that mask, thinking that no one will know your identity? What did you feel after imagining yourself flying from skyscrapers and trees?

It would only mean a little to us since we thought that such things are too “immature.” But little did we know that having such a vivid imagination could lead to a healthy conscious. While you’re on a superhero suit, you felt like you’re the most outstanding person in the world. You felt like you could do everything. You felt something that every grown-up should feel in order him/her to succeed in life.

"But look at these fellows! They’re just kids in costumes! No one could ever find inspiration from those teens!"


Yes, someone said that to me after I opened up to that person about this article.

(Gordon Freeman Cosplayer from Half Life, sad after hearing those words)


But believe it or not, we take inspiration from these people.


Here are the things that I believe cosplayers could aspire us.


The value Of Reaching Goals – Each cosplayers’ goal is to copy any character’s look. Before the convention starts, they have to prepare a lot for their costumes because they could suit up inside Comic Con. And guess what? Some of them are so good at creating costumes that they really actually look exactly what the comic books has portrayed these characters. Now, if they could do it reach their goal with limited resources, then how can’t you?


The Value Of Time Management – Did you know that a simple princess costumes could actually take up to 3-6 months to create? Yep! It takes almost 3-6 months for a simple princess costume to be created. Did you know how intricate it is to create these costumes? What more if you those super exaggerated costumes that have tentacles or something? Can you actually finish something like that before the “deadline” arrives? Only these kids could do it!

"I lost my wallet with $money and my Social security card in it. The  entire Hetalia fandom at the con helped me find it!"


The Value Of Acceptance – In the world of Cosplaying, everyone helps each other. If you got a faulty costume, someone will automatically give you pins. If you’re tired, other cosplayers would help you out by giving you water or offering you a chair. No matter what comic book your character came from, everyone is a family inside. Now, what about in your life? Have you actually befriended someone from a different niche? A difference color? A different race?


Sometimes, I still wonder why people quit reading comic books? Is it because it’s too unrealistic? Is it because it’s too immature? Or is it because we’re so egoistic that we want to be original?


Read a comic book right now. Let your imagination go wild. Be inspired with these characters who may not be real in life, but could really serve as a big inspiration to all of us!


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