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Tamara Rorrison 2 October 2015

How To Empower Your Team With A Project Management App

Project management apps are great ways to empower teams to keep track of all project activity and daily progress as well as carry out reporting.

Project management apps are great ways to empower teams to keep track of all project activity and daily progress as well as carry out reporting.

They can help better connect teams by enabling them to access and deliver the latest project information and reports via their mobile devices.

From discussions and project information to scheduling and task assignment, you can keep all information pertaining to your project in one place.

Project Management Apps Offer Many Benefits, Including:

  1. Increased productivity. Using a project management app can help your employees increase productivity dramatically by allowing them to access and submit information in an easy and fast way.

  2. Higher interactivity. Mobile apps enable the inclusion of a variety of media such as interactive graphs, videos and embedded documents, which make using the app more intuitive and encourage employees or customers to engage with it more.

  3. Practicality. An app is a great way to keep all kinds of information in one place no matter where you are. You can also rely on the information being up-to-date (no more searching for PDFs on the shared drive!).

  4. Improved communications. An app can allow employees to remain in touch with each other or with clients more easily and to keep up-to-date with all proceedings directly on their mobile device.

  5. Improved collaboration. With an app, you will also be empowering all project participants to access and update the app at the same time from wherever they are

apps for project management

Common Types Of Apps For Project Management

The features of your project management app will depend on whether you use it internally among employees or externally (e.g. for customer reporting)

Project Status Reporting Apps (External)

External project management apps can be used to keep clients updated about the status of a particular project. These apps are therefore commonly known as project status reporting apps.

Project Information, News And Updates

A project status reporting app can be used by employees to deliver project news and updates to clients. This could be in the form of a newsfeed or dashboard with daily updates on proceedings.

The app could also include general information about the project and team including profiles and contact numbers.

Project Status Reporting

An app can also enable employees to input relevant data directly into the app to create a custom project report, rather than having to create it on a spreadsheet and then export it. The reports themselves can also be delivered via the app, ensuring that they arrive directly on the client’s mobile device without the need to mediate via email.

Project Management App (Internal)

An internal project management app acts as the central hub around which all project activity revolves ensuring that all team members are aware of all updates and are able to access any relevant information or documents.

Project Milestones And Schedule

Project management apps can enable the whole team to remain aware of project milestones at all times so that they do not lose track of the main priorities and objectives.

Milestones can also act as deadlines and encourage employees to get tasks done by the predetermined time and to keep the project going at all costs. You could even enable push notifications to report on whether the project is on schedule.

Milestones can be made as specific as possible, for instance by dividing them into requirements or tasks and assigning these to team members. The app could then update the team on how each member is progressing.

Tasks could also be prioritised and given tags making it easier for team members to find the relevant ones.

The app could also include a schedule to ensure that everyone is aware of when all major activities and tasks are happening, for instance by displaying it in calendar format.

Activity Dashboard

A dashboard is a newsfeed that can be used to update all members on new project activity. Each user can have their own dashboard with information relevant to them or they can opt to receive activity updates via email instead.

Updates can be displayed according to team or tag and team members can select the kinds of activity that they would like to receive notifications for.

A dashboard is a great way to keep all members aware of what team activity is taking place, how activities are progressing and what tasks have been completed.

Project Team Profiles And Contact Details

Including a profile of all team members with the relevant contact details can also make it easier for team members to contact each other whenever needed. You can even allow them to call or email other members directly simply by tapping on the relevant phone or email icon on the app.

The team members can be organized into groups or sectors whenever relevant.

Document Library

Sometimes team members may need to access important or relevant documents while on the go for project-related purposes.

A project management app could therefore include a document library feature where all important project-related information can be stored.

Whether it’s How To guides or permits, by keeping them in the app you can ensure that employees are able to access them if the need ever arises.

Internal Communications

Good communication is essential when it comes to projects, particularly if the teams are large or geographically disperse.

Teams can easily communicate via an app no matter where they are, for instance by using a chat-room or social networking feature.

Newsletters are another popular form of internal communications and news delivery within companies.

In the case of project management, a newsletter could be delivered to all team members with a summary of all project updates and other information, serving as a “catch up” with all parts of the team and activities.


In the case of reporting for upper-level management instead of employees, the process is quite similar to that of project status reporting.

Employees can be asked to update whatever information is relevant to them directly on the app via a form feature and this information can then be used to automatically create a custom report.

The data can also be stored in a central database, allowing management to simply check in on the latest progress anytime.

In Conclusion

Apps for project management can help teams communicate, access information and report better and eventually lead to more efficient project delivery.

Not only will this lead to increase productivity among your workforce, but it could also help you truly stand out by making the project status reporting experience much more engaging and informative for clients.

Do you use any project management apps? What is your experience of using them? Let us know in the comments below.


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