Kiran Veigas
Kiran Veigas 9 November 2015

Web Summit 2015: The 3-day Technology And Innovation Hotspot At Dublin

Top industry players are participating in the Web Summit, which Forbes described as "the best technology conferences on the planet"

The web summit 2015, the three- day, 21 summit, 1000+ speakers technology mega conference in Dublin, Ireland started with great enthusiasm and dynamics from the attendees from all over the world.

The annual networking event with world-class speakers and fascinating talks, workshops presents a great opportunity for all the attendees including me from Happiest Minds, to meet countless like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs at the bustling RDS venue, Dublin.

The event was declared open by Paddy Cosgrave, the co-founder of Web Summit and 42000 attendees across 130+ countries are expected here over the next 3 days. This year also the Summit topic is centered on internet technology and the participants range from CEO’s and Founders of Fortune 500 companies to the world’s most exciting technology Startups. This year 2,141 startups spanning 17 verticals and multiple industry areas are being exhibited at the Web Summit, over these three days. Investors from across the globe are also eagerly looking for their next great investments across the multitude of startups, industries, sectors, stages and geographies. The Audi Pitch showcases 200 pitches with 2 being declared winners.

The two minutes master class from Michael Dell, the Founder and CEO of Dell was easily the highlight of the Day 1 tech talks. The attendees eagerly heard his words “if you want to innovate you have to embrace risk and don’t be afraid to fail. Start. I started Dell with $1000”. He added, “Virtual PC, gaming PC and high- performance workstations are changing the way we do business”. Some of the other few tech talks that grabbed the audience attention included Stewart Butterfield from Slack, Mike Schroepfer of Facebook, Amit Singh of Google and Mike Krieger of Instagram.

Companies that impressed:

  • Facebook: Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Jaunt: Immersive VR
  • Kakaxi: Farm monitoring device with the smartphone
  • Knoq: Using beacons for content delivery
  • TapStak: Interactivity as a service
  • HappyOrNot: Feedback measurement

Many of the top industry players are participating in the Web Summit, which Forbes has described as “the best technology conferences on the planet” and praised by CNN as “the hottest events in tech. It is a great opportunity for me to attend the Web Summit 2015, on behalf of Happiest Minds, a next generation digital transformation company delivering seamless customer experience, business efficiency and actionable insights through an integrated set of disruptive technologies: big data analytics, internet of things, mobility, cloud, security, unified communications etc. Let us wait and watch for more insightful tech talks and upcoming business opportunities from Day 2 and Day 3 of Web Summit 2015.

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