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Mobile Websites Attract Bigger Audiences

For brands still moving to mobile or about to launch a new online campaign, there’s still one question to be asked.

By now everyone knows the usefulness of mobile, where users are spending 62% of all their time online. The importance of having a responsive website that works on mobile devices cannot be understated especially with Google’s recent search algorithm adjustment which favours mobile websites.

For brands that are still moving to mobile or are about a launch a new campaign, there is still one question to be asked.

Which Is Best A Mobile App Or A Mobile Website.

ComScore’s most recent report on the use of mobile apps in the US has answered this for us.

  • Of the 62% of users online time which is spent on mobile, 44% of this is spent on smartphone apps (up from 33% two years earlier).

  • However the audience for mobile websites is 2.5 times larger than mobile apps and is growing faster.

In other words users are spending the majority of their time on mobile apps but it’s the website that are attracting the larger audiences. This is probably due to the ease of linking which leads users from one page or site to another where an app is reasonably closed and any link out requires the loading of a new browser or app on their smartphone.

My question is why are users bouncing from one website to the next? There is obviously a desire for content, knowledge and entertainment which is why users are looking at the mobile websites in the first place.

I believe that users are skim reading for the content that they require and then following links or searching again for further information that will specifically suit their needs. For website content managers this means that more effort should be focused on trying to determine what the user’s initial questions are and trying to answer them comprehensively in individually SEO optimised landing pages in order to keep users on your site for longer and to bookmark and return to your site. These landing pages can then be used to drive users deeper into your site to explore relevant services or products.


Another method would be to increase the engagement level outside of just the written content by creating some form of interactivity. Users spend more time on fewer mobile apps because they engage with them more, the apps they download are specifically what they are looking for otherwise they would uninstall them rather quickly. Websites which tend to be found via links or a search request provide quick information but not enough engagement to keep users on the site for longer.

Content managers need to consider different ways of keeping mobile users engaged whether it’s answering interactive polls, dragging elements around the page to provide answers or engaging visuals, mini games or using the mobiles swipe, tap and pinch features more. Anything to keep users interested in your site absorbing your information, brand and services.

The one big issue with implementing this is load times, an app already installed on your phone will provide exceptional load times in comparison with connecting to a website over the internet, site optimisation is key.

For marketers and content managers the issue is how to engage people with simple and effective interactions that reflect their brand on HTML5 responsive websites. Not everything has to be a whizzbang effect, after all going way back to the Digital Middle Ages, Hotmail at the end of every email they inserted “P.S. I love you. Get your free email at HoTMaiL.” How ridiculous does that sound now and even at the time it was mocked, they removed the “P.S. I love you.” and the result was almost instantaneous with Hotmail jumping from 100 to 3000 to 20,000 signups a day.

Engage People! Try something new and different, test, analyse and test again. Engaging People is something that Naked Penguin Boy are constantly striving for. Our entertainment clients (DreamWorks, Paramount Pictures, and Microsoft Xbox) are reasonably straight forward as their brands and products are already designed towards entertainment but the big challenge that we relish comes in with the “unexciting” but necessary products, banks, insurance, mortgages, etc.

Serious products that need to be made engaging to people in order to attract, gain and retain business.

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