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John Terra 20 November 2015
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Get More Leads Through Text Message Marketing

The most effective marketing campaigns are the ones aimed at the greatest number of people.

The most effective marketing campaigns are the ones aimed at the greatest number of people. Today, most people can be found on their mobile device. Mobile usage is surpassing all other forms of web access and is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. That’s why smart marketers engage in text message marketing campaigns.

With a good text message marketing campaign in place, you get more leads, and those leads potentially become customers. Furthermore, you can build on the goodwill of those new clients and encourage them to provide good word of mouth comments to their friends, who would then become customers as well, and the cycle begins anew.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, all you need are some solid ideas on how to cultivate leads via text message marketing, and that’s why we’re here.

People Can’t Join Something They Don’t Know Exists In other words, you need to make sure you promote the campaign before it begins, and build up anticipation. The article "7 Tips for Using Text Message Marketing to Increase Lead Generation" points out that if you can make your marketing campaign seem attractive and intriguing, more people will subscribe to it. You do this by offering exclusive content or access, and special discounts.

Stir up excitement for your text message marketing campaign by calling attention to it via your website or social media page. If you already have an email subscriber list, use that as well!

Keywords Are Your Friend You don’t have much space to work with when you’re using text message marketing. On the average, you’re looking at 140 characters. That’s why keywords are important. You can have users text in a particular keyword to send them to a landing page, or even to simply let them opt-in on your new campaign. The keyword could be a numeric code or even just a clever word that’s appropriate to the campaign. Review these 25 Landing Page Optimization Tips to make sure you get the greatest number of subscribers possible.

Make Your Phone Number A Clickable Item The fastest, easiest way to engage someone online is to provide a clickable link. Consider doing so with your business’ phone number. There isn’t an easier way to get people interacting with your business while expending the least effort.

Furthermore, once they dialed that number, it’s in their device’s history, so they can refer to it in the future. Just like that, you’ve insinuated your business into their Contacts list!

Put In An Easy Call To Action A call to action (or CTA) is where you entice the user to do something in reaction to the content you’ve just put up. It could be clicking on a link to find out more information, sign them up for some exclusive program, or let them participate in a contest that you’re running.

Whatever your CTA is, make sure it’s simple, straightforward, and enticing. You can’t only depend on what you consider the awesomeness of your page to win people over; you need to give them an opportunity to act, and an incentive to go through with it.

Text message marketing is an easy tool to use, and it’s cost-effective. Start off with a small campaign and as you gain more experience, work your way up to something more elaborate. If you’re curious about mobile marketing, in general, then check out the two-part article "Mobile Marketing: How To Develop An Appropriate Mobile Strategy".


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