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4 Things To Keep In Mind While Hiring A Website Designer

A good website builds credibility, brand value and trust. small businesses can funnel user engagement on social media to their website to drive sales.

Small businesses have indeed woken up to the fact that they need a good website and robust social media initiatives to connect and engage with their customers and target market.


Websites are very important because they define your online identity and is the first place where potential customers come looking for you. You cannot afford a business website that is ill-planned, shabby and confusing, which will serve no purpose to inform, educate or entertain the visitors.


A good website can build credibility, brand value and trust. A small business can funnel user engagement from other social channels to their website and ultimately drive sales.


If you are planning to build a new or revamp an existing website you will have to take the help of an experienced web designer or designing agency. But choosing one is not that easy, especially if you are not very sure of the technical aspects.


Here are a few tips to help you find the right website designer/agency for your needs.


1) Be Sure Of Communication


There are many websites like Toptal, Scalable Path and Crew that are great platforms to find talented and experienced designers and developers. They will have prior experience working with virtual clients and delivering quality work on tight deadlines.


When outsourcing work, do make sure that you check on communication skills of the designer or team you will work with. It is important that you should be able to pick up the phone and talk to your designer. You must let him/her know of your requirements, concerns and needs.


Similarly, work with an agency that put its client and the client’s business needs at the forefront of all designing efforts. When you contact the designer check whether he or she makes an effort to help you understand the details of the work. If there is too much of tech jargon and if the conversation goes over your head most of the time, then do not expect things to change once you have signed a contract.


Choose a designer who will be invested in making the whole process accessible and comprehensible to the client as well.


When you and the designer are clear about the results that need to be achieved you will also find it easier to coordinate work whether the web design Charlotte team is in the next building or in a different country.


2) Check The Knowledge


Good technical knowledge is essential to become a qualified website designer. A thorough knowledge of graphic software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator is helpful when you need an aesthetic and attractive website design.


Programming languages form the basis to developing good websites. Ensure that your designer knows HTML, CSS and JavaScript like the back of his/her hand.


Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) gives structure to web pages and determines user experience and how web pages are rendered. Grounded understanding of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) will help build robust websites that can be incorporated with videos, animations, interactive graphics and other multi-media elements.


A designer with a good knowledge of programming languages and coding aspects will be able to create web pages that are browser-friendly and optimized for online searches.


Your designer should be able to build a business website that is customer-centric and user friendly. Good copywriting skills are a valuable bonus to a web designer. If your designer has exceptional marketing skills and can write a great copy, then it will ensure that your website is blessed with good marketing potential. Of course, you will have to pay the designer for the additional services but it is worth the investment.


3) Check The Work Credentials


It is important that you check the previous work of your designer and ensure that it has the aesthetics and qualities that you are looking for.


All freelancers as well as design agencies maintain online portfolios that can be used by potential customers to assess their work. Check the websites built by the designer for ease of use and navigation, site intuitiveness, color schemes used, effectiveness of copy, power of CTAs etc. It will be best if you check the sites online to determine how well they function.


You must also ask the agency for references or contact information of prior or existing customers. Find out how their experience has been working with the agency/freelancer, and whether they are still using the same designer. Also check whether the client had any unique problem which the designer addressed proactively, and how accommodating he or she was of the client’s needs.


Thoroughly vet the credentials of the designer before collaborating to have your website done. Ensure that you work with a designing team that builds websites that are easy to use and effectively employs latest trends and technology.


4) Get A Good Pricing


It is not easy to determine or fix a budget for web designing services. There is no one size fits all approach and your cost will depend on the features and flexibility you want in your site, the skill set and brand value of your designer/agency, the location of the designer and the amount of time you project will need.


Sometimes additional talent or subcontractors will be needed to complete the project, and this again will affect the final cost of the website.


You need to keep in mind that your business website is an investment. It is the most powerful and effective marketing tool you will have, and is the cornerstone of all your branding efforts. A website will give your users access to your services and products 24/7 and will serve as an invaluable interface between your business and market.


Also, a website is a one-time investment. There will be updates and improvements but you need not build another website up from scratch anytime soon.


Set realistic goals and determine what you want from your business website. Get multiple quotes from a variety of designers and decide on the one suitable for you. You can also consider freelancers who often come at a more moderate price, but ensure that you contract only from dependable sites and are sure of their credibility.




Websites have become ubiquitous, but they are as useful and functional as ever. Understand your business and try to bring out the best in your business website. A rewarding collaboration with the right designer will be enable you to reap the rewards of a quality website for years to come. It will not only bring in more sales and profits, but will also build brand identity and give your business credibility.


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