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Mike Berry 4 March 2015
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Exclusive: The Best Of Global Digital Marketing By Mike Berry

Mike Berry talks about his book, The Best Of Global Digital Marketing - The Storybook and POPCORN: Global Case Study Review 2015.


Popcorn - An afternoon review of global marketing case studies with Mike Berry



Popcorn: Global Case Study Review





Looking back, I realise that The Best Of Global Digital Marketing has been a five-year journey for me (so far) which has been shared with my co-author and publisher Hando Sinisalu. It’s taken me to some extraordinary places, I’ve met some great (digital marketing) people and learned a lot along the way.

I suppose the idea of of “The Best Of Global Digital Marketing” (BOGDM) show first began to take shape in the Spring of 2010. I seem to remember that I was sitting in a noisy cafe in Central London, chatting with Hando. We had already worked together on a couple of digital marketing workshops in Croatia and the Baltic countries which had gone pretty well and now we were looking for a new challenge. We were kicking around some ideas for events which might enable us to travel, to see some cool places, meet interesting digital marketing people and ideally get paid(!).

The idea of somehow being able to combine all of these seemed too good to be true but, as we sipped our cappuccinos that cold, rainy London day, we felt that perhaps we had something: a one-day conference/workshop delivered in English (luckily for me) in which we featured and examined some recent, successful digital marketing campaigns from anywhere on this networked, shrinking planet: celebrating big creative ideas, clever technology and production and most of all effectiveness at building brands and driving sales. Incredibly, it seemed that no-one else was doing this. And so the idea was born.

In the months and years since then it’s been quite a journey (literally and metaphorically); working with our dedicated team of researchers, we’ve collected hundreds of digital, mobile, social and integrated marketing case studies: from all vertical sectors (B2C, B2B, NGOs, Governmental), from major global brands and from tiny local not-for-profits. We’ve shared them with enthusiastic audiences in more than 30 cities all over the world (from Minsk to Cape Town and from Madrid to Kuala Lumpur) collecting more cases on our travels. Along the way, we’ve met some massively talented (digital) marketing people, learned lots and made some lasting friendships; long may it continue! I don’t think that I would otherwise have had the opportunity to travel to Baku (Azerbaijan), Shanghai, Seoul, Istanbul and Beirut.


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Then last year we produced ‘The Book of the Show’. We selected some of our favourite cases from various continents and a range of vertical sectors; many are award winners; all were highly effective. We wanted to make this book ‘snackable’; so feel free to jump from one section to another, ‘drilling down’ into any case which catches your interest. In most cases there is a link to a ‘case video’ which provides a quick overview; we’re immensely grateful to all the brand owners and their agencies who have contributed and generously shared background and insights, although naturally full results are rarely available, owing to commercial confidentiality. For each case, we’ve tried to draw out some key practical learnings/ lessons which I hope you will find both interesting and useful.

It has to be recognised that there are many books on digital marketing: some of which I encourage my students to read. As digital marketing matures and becomes mainstream, there is a growing body of excellent ‘academic’ books covering digital marketing theory and strategy; this is not one of those. Although I teach at world-class universities and I have a healthy respect for marketing theory, I must stress that the campaigns featured in this book are 100% real world, real budgets, real marketing.

We’ve really enjoyed putting these cases together and we would welcome any feedback about the book.

You can buy The Best Of Global Digital Marketing Storybook from Amazon here.

See all the videos here: The Best Of Global Digital Marketing Storybook Videos

I’m looking forward to being part of the POPCORN event on March 26 and to sharing some of these case studies with you; I’d love to hear your opinions on whether these ideas would work in your market/ with your customers. I hope to meet you there!


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Register to attend POPCORN: Global Case Study Review with Prof. Mike Berry & Mike Nutley at Vue Cinema, Leicester Square London 13:00 - 17:30


For tickets, please contact:

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