Matt Webster
Matt Webster 31 March 2015

Are You Burying Your Video Content In The Garden?

April sees the culmination of two historic celebrations; Easter and 25 Years of You've Been Framed.

April heralds not only the opportunity to read the more ‘creative’ fool’s day articles in our beloved tabloids, but it also sees the culmination of two historic celebrations; Easter and 25 Years of You’ve Been Framed.

So what better way to celebrate the two occasions by combining them in a look back at how the options of UGC and video promotion have changed over the last 2 and a half decades.


It’s almost Easter. It’s also 1990 and you’ve just put your VHS camcorder to use for the first time by filming your younger brother whack your Dad in the nuts with a claw hammer. As well as capturing the slapstick moment on camera you also managed to keep the heavy JVC GR-7 steady, therefore immortalising your dad’s sudden and unexpected crumple-voyage to the floor from his stepladder perch. It’s all there, (every cheek puffing, eye bulging millisecond captured) on celluloid. Hilarious.

Jeremy’s An Option

But after playing back the tape with your family and friends (including Dad) how do you get this home-made blooper ‘out there’? There are two choices. You can either; go out in to the garden with a trowel and bury the chunky cassette. There’s always hope that a future civilisation will find it and beam the contents to ¾ of the known universe. Genius! You’ll get the 8 zillion views that the nut-smash clip deserves…… eventually.

Alternatively you could post your chortle inducing family film to TV celebrity giant, Jeremy Beadle. For the cost of a jiffy bag and a first class stamp (20p at the current price) you could not only get your Dad’s unfortunate encounter to an audience of millions but also trouser £250. Your home movie will get views and you’ll get cash – that’s a better ROI than the gardening option.

The Future

Now let’s hit the fast forward button. The clocks have literally just gone forward. It’s 2015 and TV chief prankster Beadle is unfortunately no longer rummaging through the post for home movies. But the show he presented, You’ve Been Framed, is still adorning our screens. In fact this Easter sees its 25th year of production. You turn on the TV to see the latest presenter, Harry Hill, introduce a montage of people falling into puddles. Hilarious. As you reach for the remote you notice Dad’s old claw hammer on the window sill.

Everyone Loves A Comeback

iPhone 6 in one hand and hammer in the other you decide to re-enact a piece of self directed/produced comedy history. As you pick yourself off the floor and learn how to breathe again, this time you realise there are more choices. There are multiple ways of getting your nut smash sequel the views it deserves, this is the future after all!

You could email it to and hope to see the clip on ITV2 maybe next Tuesday at 11.45pm at some point in 2017. You could dig out (sorry) that old trowel of yours, march down to the bottom of the garden and bury your iPhone for those inquisitive alien archaeologists from the future to find. Or you could upload your content to YouTube and spend some money on TrueView video ads and seeding.

Post it to your social channels, add it to an app, invest in some targeted facebook ads, embed your video on relevant media platforms with some encouraged engagement. The much anticipated home movie blooper sequel you’ve created will not only get you the views to make the pain of production worthwhile, but you’ll also be able to track how long people are watching and where they’ve come from. Sit back and watch the millions of views, sponsorship deals and ad revenue roll in!

Promote What You’ve Produced!

So if you’ve created some content that you’d like people to watch, invest in promoting it across the digital and social channels. Otherwise you may as well save it to a usb stick and bury it in the garden. Unless of course your target audience still watches ‘You’ve Been Framed’.

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Matt Webster is Co- Founder and Director of Media Bounty. After seven successful years working in the pharmacuetical industry, Matt switched his attention to health marketing and PR. He co-founded Media Bounty in 2008. Follow Matt on Twitter!

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