Dragana Nikolic
Dragana Nikolic 5 March 2015

6 More-Human-Than-Business Benefits Of Visual Content

All in all, positive attitude, emotions and exclusivity makes a quality visual content.

Content has definitely become the most powerful source to attract audience or market a product / service in the right way.

The right content is a top-notch when it comes to sales or brand awareness. Like Byron used to say: “A drop of ink may make a million think”, the right-structured content is a subject to personal analysis and identification with the prospects. Moreover, the situation gets different when the content gets visual. There are 100 million people watching an online video each day. Number of daily uploaded photos on Facebook only is 350 million. What does that mean to businesses?

According to researches, 52% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video. Consumer attraction gets bigger after a great visual content is introduced by the brand. And there are several reasons for that. Before the main benefits of quality visual content are explained, let’s take a look at two recently introduced product videos. This time videos are alcoholic beverages’ commercials. This type of advertising is strictly regulated by laws in many countries and it represents the most regulated form of marketing. However, the smart concept and visually appealing content of the videos emit a totally different message – this message is positive and it advocates life values at the first place.

1. David Beckham’s Extended HAIG CLUB Ad Directed by Guy Ritchie and filmed in the Scottish Highlands
This ad reflects something classy and prestigious. Leather bags and jackets, exclusive transportation and high-class society calls out for similar consumers to identify with the brand. But, beyond the visually apparent content, there is a story about great friendship and many adventures all around the world spent together.

This makes the campaign go viral worldwide: the target group is not narrowed and the world is the right market for this whiskey brand. The famous, good-looking sportsman promotes the brand that should go viral worldwide. This advertisement transmits the message of great values, it doesn’t represent the alcoholic beverage as the core topic of the video commercial. This video is about true friendship, classy style and prestige.

2. With hashtagged slogan #BEGINDESIRE
Martini Streets of Rome This video ad is directed by Jake Scott and it is aimed at young consumers age 24-35. The story is about love, desire and the beginning steps of different feelings.

The video communicates values such as joy and romance of living with passion and authenticity. It has the story which begins with the hashtag and will lead the whole campaign ahead. The brand’s history is 150 years and the video was filmed in Rome as the eternal city, full of elegance and rich heritage. But the story itself carries higher values: it’s about love, desire, hopes and searching for the right way up in the future.

Like it is explained in the video:

Desire begins at night. And the night is yours to love. Desire begins beauty. And beauty is yours to create. Desire begins truth. And truth is your sword. Desire begins love. And love... and love is everything.

Which one you prefer better: the story about prestige and friendship or a story about love and desire for the actions to come? Did the message target you well?

A quality of the content is more human than business-oriented. And that’s the way it should be, because that would be the only way to catch the real brand awareness. And the benefits of quality visual content that can easily go viral are:

1. Positive attitude
Content that carries positive attitude and, above all, optimistic approach to any subject or topic is more likely to be accepted by the audience. Good stories, happy people and positive outcomes are things that people are motivated by and, therefore, they will identify with the content matching their needs. There are many guides on the Internet how to keep positive attitude and be successful in business, but also in private life. One of the main motivators for feeling positive and identify with the story is visual content promoted by a certain brand.

2. High arousal emotions
Emotions can be defined according to their valence (pleasure to displeasure) and arousal (high to low). The content which produces high arousal emotions combined with pleasure feelings (e.g. happy, pleased, excited, delighted) is more likely to attach a viewer to the brand that the content which is made to cause low arousal emotions (being sleepy counts in low arousal emotions as well). Content that evokes high-arousal emotions is more viral and people often share this type of content across social media.

3. Celebrities
Worldwide projects, call-to-actions, cause support and many more initiatives are always more successful when being promoted by a celebrity. A celebrity is the person that holds some credentials for being famous, but is also a brand for himself. Combined with the right message and cleverly targeted, celebrity cause the content go viral – especially when the content is visual. The best examples to achieve success in a campaign is to run crowd marketing starring a celebrity or a great influencer in the selected field or industry.

4. Motivating factors
Motivation is the process in human behaviour that causes an activity in order to satisfy a need. It refers to factors that activate a goal-directed behaviour, mostly towards achievement, personal recognition or success. Motivating factors can come from the inside when an individual is self-driven to comply with the goal previously set-up. Still, many people need an external motivating factor which will pull them out of the lethargy and make them do something (or thinking of doing a concrete action). Great visual content that motivates people to positive change is more likely to sell the product if the audience identifies with it.

5. Brand name
Sometimes only one word or an image is enough for strong brand awareness. Everybody knows about Coca-Cola, Apple phones and computers or McDonalds. Still, these brands also create visual content putting the brand ahead in order to increase sales and retain customers. On the other hand, if a visual content should go viral, the organization that runs a campaign should use a famous brand behind in order to attract the recipients. Big brands can sponsor campaigns which aim at rising awareness about social issues or make a cause-support campaigns using their logo or easily recognizable name.

6. Hot topic
There is no mistake if a visual campaign covers a popular topic. This topic can be local or a worldwide movement. Smart content marketers and advertisers get use from these events and create viral content and campaigns that easily go online and spread very fast throughout social media, but also regular media channels. Everything exclusive gets more attention, is recognized and will make stronger ties than the topic which is not interesting to the audience. When the topic is famous worldwide, it’s more likely to go viral in less time than the locally-oriented one.

All in all, positive attitude, emotions and exclusivity makes a quality visual content. This helps marketers to organize a good strategy, but also businesses to sell products or services and keep the brand awareness on high level. A good visual content is something people recognize as mutual, familiarize and easily identify with. After all, it’s only about humans and all is for humans.

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