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Stuart Marler 9 June 2015
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Why Listen To SEO Agency Cold Calls

Do you get a lot of sales calls from SEO agencies? Find out why and what you can do.

We all get cold call incoming to our businesses, whether you are selling widgets or new build houses and all in between.

What you would call, SPAM emails or unsolicited emails are still on the increase too. BUT these can be very helpful to your business if you could spare the time to listen or read the emails and reply.

WHY waste my time, I hear you cry, well - sit back and consider why you are getting these calls or emails?

There could be simple reasons, some unlucky sales person has been given a list of numbers, with names on and cold calls without having looked at your website and is working on a numbers game, he only needs one call to tell them their website and go from there. OR an email marketer has got hold of a list of email address and just sends out spam emails in the thousands, hoping some little fish will bite. After all, he'll only need one bite.

BUT and this is where the BUT becomes helpful. An SEO agency, or digital marketing company has taken the time to find your website and cast their experienced eye over it. They can see at a quick glance how it is optimised or not, and in the eyes of Google for it to be found and ranked in search engine result pages (SERPs).

So, without even asking for a professional or expert opinion, you can get invaluable information for FREE.

So, if you get a phone call, or keep on getting these calls/emails, then there is obviously a problem with how your website has been optimised and is getting found in search engines.

Case Study:

We came across a website for Fire Risk Management Consultants in London (Don't worry you wont find them in Google! but for safety reasons, I wont advise who they are!) - this site has been optimised to a certain extent but not according to Google's advice for the past 5 years. In fact, I know that this business web site has been paying the same agency for two years to optimise their website and social media. For instance, the site has been optimised for keywords that nobody searches for, according to Google's Keyword Planner. Their social media has very few followers or friends, and only covers Facebook with 18 LIKEs and Twitter with 111 followers. What about Google+ and LinkedIn? What aren't these icons on the website?

So, this company might very well be thinking that as they are paying for an agency to look after their digital marketing, the job is getting done. Do you agree that they are getting the service they pay for?

So what can be done to improve this case study?

SEO Improvements:

  • Keyword research.
  • Optimise the website
  • Business address in footer
  • Google Business
  • Google Maps
  • Robots.txt
  • XML sitemap
  • Blogs
    • Write blogs, optimise them to be found by qualified visitors looking for their services.
  • and more...

Social Media Improvements

  • Write engaging posts
  • Increase friends/followers
  • Engage with followers/friends
    • Nobody likes it when somebody talks about themselves all the time!

So, if this business were to receive a cold call or email, they would be wise to listen to the expert.

How You Can Help Yourself:

Be prepared. We would recommend to listen to the caller, ask them questions about the site, ask them what is wrong and why.

Arm yourself with information, so that IF your site is working for you, then state this; tell the caller how many conversions you are getting each month - that will shock them .. what is a conversion?

Also tell the caller that you are getting many visitors (tell them the exact amount) to your site per month AND sales directly from the site.

Advise the caller that your return on investment from your digital marketing campaign is high.

BUT if you are NOT getting conversions and sales/enquiries/leads or a ROI - then perhaps it is time you listen to these callers.

Take Away Advice:

Just because you are paying an outsourced agency for their digital marketing or SEO skills, it doesn't mean that they are doing the work correctly or to a high standard.

Listen to reason, why are you receiving these endless calls? There must be a basis reason why you are always getting these types of contact? For instance, would you check your rear lights, if stopped by a police office, for having a faulty rear light?!

We can help if this scenario is sounding familiar, call us on 01903 791660 and lets us overview your digital marketing, or fill in our contact form.

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