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Lauren Grice 1 June 2015
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Exclusive: Expert Guide To Content Creation And Amplification

Did you know that 90% of UK businesses use content marketing but only 40% believe it's effective?

Did you know that 90% of UK businesses use content marketing but only 40% believe it’s effective?

Content Marketing doesn’t necessarily convert the 1st, 2nd or 3rd visit but several steps down the line of the user journey and purchasing process.

One of the reasons why your content marketing isn’t effective is because it isn’t being maximised.

What do you do with your content once it has been created? How do you get it out there for all your customers to see?

It’s all well and good creating an absolutely out-of-this-world, fantastic, awe-inspiring infographic however if no-one gets to see it what’s the point?

The key is to invest in content creation and amplification.


Content has to reach people in order to become effective and deliver results. So what should you do with your content once it’s been created? Shout about it of course!

You’re limited to only 140 characters but that doesn’t mean you can’t tweet a link to your blog post, tag a new client win or simply post an image of your print coverage. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words!

Don’t forget you can also increase your reach, gain more followers and drive growth with paid Twitter advertising.

If your business’s core sales or leads depends on imagery, for example you sell clothing or home decor, Pinterest is a great platform to use.

It’s now the 3rd most popular social network and Pinterest revenue per click beats Facebook and Twitter!

So whenever you get a new product in or are compiling a board of ideas, pin them on Pinterest and you’ll start to increase your social media following.

Instagram is another great image based platform to shout about your amazing work!

Whether it’s a new product launch, a recent event/conference that you’re attending or simply a client meeting that you want to promote to showcase the productivity that takes place internally, this is useful tool to boost brand awareness.

Facebook as a marketing channel isn’t for everyone. It is more harmful to have a Facebook account that isn’t updated regularly than it is to not have one at all.

However, if you do have one that you should utilise the platform to reach mass audiences. Promote your blog posts, seasonal trends, topical products as well as share funny engaging videos. You also have the option to ‘boost’ certain posts to magnify exposure.

We don’t recommend paid advertising all the time but it is an efficient way to advertise online. Why not use it for pushing key marketing material? It can really help you to streamline your advertising to perfection.


‘Link building’ in its archaic form used to be an old black hat SEO technique to get links from external domains.

It didn’t matter what the quality of the links were or where they were from and quantity was everything. As a result, content spinning was popular and duplicate content across the web was rife.

Times have changed considerably and whilst many digital marketing agencies still practice this method to boost domain’s backlink profile as well as traffic numbers, the way in which the service is executed has evolved.

Outreach marketing, when done correctly and ethically, is a brilliant way to get your content out there. High quality domains recognise the quality and effort that goes into creating engaging, interesting content such as infographics.

As long as articles are unique and written with exclusivity, you can achieve some great editorial placement that will result in an immediate impact on your rankings.

You’ll be surprised at how many referrals you can obtain through outreach marketing!

Never underestimate the power of digital and print PR. Press releases can have a powerful effect on your link profile, brand awareness and revenue.

Many businesses dismiss the direct return on investment from PR because it isn’t as tangible as paid search for example. However, there are many metrics that you can use to establish the effectiveness including domain authority, traffic levels, phone calls and social media following.

Local press can be your best friend when it comes to helping your business to grow. 

Don’t believe us? In recent months we created and published an April Fool prank for one of our clients about a fake product launch.The press release went so viral that the business had genuine phone calls and emails from customers wanting to book and the news spread overseas with an American company contacting them for US distribution rights.

The results? On the day the announcement was made, the company’s website received a 72% increase in traffic and a 48% increase in enquiries, compared with the year before.

They achieved multiple link and editorial placements and customers booked other products on the back of it.

So what are you waiting for?

Update your website with fresh, engaging content, generate interest from across the web and drive potential customers to your website through innovative content marketing efforts.

Whether you’ve won a recent big project, launched a new product, taken on new staff members or simply moved premises, shout about it with various forms of content.

There’s no reason why you can’t use your blog post or press release and re-hash it into a email newsletter. Get it out there as much as you can into each and every channel to reap the rewards!

Content creation is nothing without amplification!

About Author:
This article was provided by Lauren Grice, Content Strategist at Bespoke | Web Specialists, in Preston, Lancashire. We have a team of optimisation experts in house who can devise your content marketing strategy as well as create and publish the conversion-friendly content for you. @bespokeinternet

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