Dragana Nikolic
Dragana Nikolic 10 July 2015
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You Wake Up Tomorrow And Your Office Is...

Why should we work in the office if there are so many alternatives out there?

... one giant empty room and one big "I don’t know what to do now" question. Wherever you work, there are days you’d wished you have never had to wake up and go there. On the other hand, some free days at home are missed instead of doing some creative job.

However you turn it, a human being is never satisfied. According to some findings, "socializing with your co-workers is essential for your career". Team work has always proven better than working alone. Offices are places where people share ideas and meet their social needs. In that way, your career will go upwards if you choose to work with people in a shared space.

Just a few years ago, many companies insisted on strict rules when it comes to business. Now, your office is your "home away from home". We’ve finally reached for the freedom at work and changed the look & feel of modern offices; but is that the end?

Another very popular way to work is remote working. With stable Internet connection, many of us working in the IT or online industry (online products and services) can work from anywhere. Literally. Remote working has become a great way to connect your passion for travelling with your profession.

Moreover, the multicultural environment is essential for building relationships with your business prospects and future customers. This is especially important for the young people - they are the new C-level guys, entrepreneurs without ties and briefcases. Formality is so passé.

In addition to remote working, we have the opportunity to work in a shared office. These offices are called co-working spaces and they are becoming popular worldwide. I am very happy that my hometown already has two great co-working places ( and If you ask me, just a few years ago, the most popular non-formal places were civil society organizations (i.e. NGOs). Now, these are real companies that behave the same as non-profit entities, but are real profit generators. Co-workings are also places where people can learn a lot, acquire new skills and gain extreme knowledge.

Now every home is a micro-working community. The revolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) has made the connectivity process ridiculous. We are now connected not only to the world, but also to almost every part of our nearest environment. There will be time when we won’t have to leave our homes. Everything will be available in a click. Brick-and-mortars will die; online shops will satisfy our needs for consumerism vs. working hard from home. Offices would not exist. We will hang out with our appliances rather than our colleagues. But who cares, sky is the limit.

The freedom of choice will determine the future of our "nine-to-five" lives. We cannot predict if classic offices will exist in the next 10 or 20 years, but all the big things will become a lot of smaller things. The world will still go round, it’s just that we will have to accommodate to some new rules, new behaviours and new hierarchies.

Is it the better future, who knows... For all of us, it’s a new lesson to learn. Changes are happening slowly, but the results are visible immediately - especially in the Internet era. In order to finish the waking up process, there is an excellent closing point from the music industry that never dies:

Empty spaces, what are we living for Abandon places, I guess we know the score (QUEEN, "Show must go on")

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