The Five Freshest Marketing Blogs Of 2015

Check out five top marketing blog sites for 2015

When you’re a marketer there will often come a time when you want to find out what the best way of doing something is, or you want some inspiration for new ideas. This is where marketing blogs come in. Written by experts and full of insight and knowledge, these are the best blogs in 2015.

1. Buzzstream
Buzzstream is a CRM tool for digital marketers, made for making relationship building that little bit easier. But their blog is really where it’s at! Articles are based around aspects such as PR and link building, to blogging outreach and viral videos, and are written by members of the team at BuzzStream. But there are some external contributors as well, who are usually well known digital marketers, and these are well worth a read too.

2. Distilled
Distilled are a marketing agency who are fully dedicated to writing and producing great content. The agency cover a good range of different topics - all things that are of interest to their key readership. There are articles on everything from conferences and networking to PPC advice and even pop artist Taylor Swift’s rise to social fame. Plenty to get your teeth into. 

3. Newscred
Content marketing. If this is your thing, then this blog is for you! Visiting Newscred is a great way to find out about content strategy, how to use social channels, email campaigns and how to evaluate it all at the end. There are direct examples of big brands, so you can learn how the big boys are doing it. 

4. FreshEgg
This one is for when you need something a little more informative and geeky. It’s technical and digitally focused, with topics such as coding, building backlinks, Google Analytics and tracking.

5. Wall Blog
Lastly, but certainly not least, The Wall is a digital media and marketing blog from the publishers of Brand Republic. It covers all sorts of subjects ranging from advertising, technology, social media and search, to innovative digital campaigns and digital marketing trends. With examples of the latest and greatest campaigns such as Coke’s new Braille cans, this is great place to find a whole range of inspiration and to keep up with the latest trends.

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