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Nicky Nikolaev 27 July 2015
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How Much Do You Care About Your Messages On Social Media?

How much do you care about your messages on social media? That is something that businesses do not ask themselves...

The ultimate goal every business is after is more reach which translates to more revenue.

In order to make that thing happen business have to change their way of communicating and try to make a difference by showing a new human image of their brand.

Some of the practices that companies can employ in their communication on Facebook are as follows:

  1. Post 4 times a day (e.g. 7 a.m. 11 a.m. 15 p.m. 19 p.m.)
  2. Boost at least once a week (5 dollars a post at least)
  3. Shares get more likes and reach
  4. Re-post your winning posts (go to insights and filter the posts by reach, put the winning ones in rotation every 3 weeks)
  5. Share a life truth that is universal, inarguable and inspiring
  6. Post longer posts with a photo that has a quote from an article on the picture
  7. Share personal milestones and achievements (people want to know more about you or your brand)
  8. Make weekly posts about your videos and blog content (post that several times through time to get more likes and shares and get the video in rotation)
  9. Facebook hates YouTube videos (use Tumblr and LinkedIn content to stick out in the newsfeed)
  10. Be artistic and romantic in your copy and visuals

How do you draw attention? You provide value…It’s as simple as that! You can always offer free and quality content such as e-books, videos, and podcasts. This could be supported by a mixed variety of content such as:

  • Content providing some theory info – one that provides information that tells your audience more factual things
  • Content that gives away some tactics – this is the how to type of content like tips, tricks and advice
  • Content that helps – the content that gives insights on how to change one’s life or business and bring it to the next level
  • Content that has some ideology in it – the content that dwells on ideals and values


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