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Successful Ecommerce Solutions for Boosting the Performance of Your Small Business

How to improve the performance of your small business.

Handling a small business Ecommerce store is not an easy task. Small businesses often have constraint budget and if they want to push their sales online, they must use successful Ecommerce solutions. Being an owner of a startup business, you have to look for the suitable options solutions to boost the overall productivity and performance of your business. If you know what the right Ecommerce solutions are and how to use them, you can easily enhance your online sales. These tools help in developing your online business quicker with minimum investment.

However, when it comes to choosing the right Ecommerce platform or shopping carts, small business owners have many choices, but for ensured performance and success, it is necessary to know which Ecommerce solution will suit your business goals and how you can choose the right solution for your business. If you are among the aspiring small business owners, who want to sell online with assured success, here are the 7 successful Ecommerce solutions that will help in boosting your small business performance by improving your overall online revenue.

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1. Shopify
Considered as one of the most popular and demanding Ecommerce solution, Shopify lets you choose a template, add a product catalog, optimize the design, create blog posts from a single administration dashboard, and optimize the design of your Ecommerce store. It also has built in mobile commerce that consists of both mobile storefront and iPhone app.

No specific development skills are required for developing store on this Ecommerce platform, but merchants can easily select from a range of more than 100 website designs and integrate their products.

The websites developed on Shopify are easily customizable with integration of a secure shopping cart, which can accept MasterCard, VISA, and American Express. Moreover, Shopify also contains built- in analytics for benchmarking your online store’s performance so that you can track your store traffic regularly.

Shopify is available with zero transaction fee at a rate of $14 per month, but you can also go for 14-day free trial for evaluating its integrated features before purchasing.

2. Magento
When talking about Ecommerce solutions for improving the performance of your small business, we cannot skip one of the most powerful Ecommerce solutions, Magento, which is blessed with a box of impressive features. Being owned by a reputed online store eBay, you can also sell your products over eBay if you choose to purchase this Ecommerce solution for establishing your online store. With its rich box of features, Magento is the best option for those who want to create an effective online store with an exceptional set of features. Its features are designed in accordance with the mindset of internet users, and there are no special skills required to upload and operate this platform for managing your online store.

3. Square Market
If you are planning to build your Ecommerce store in a short period of time, then Square Market will be an ideal Ecommerce solution for you. Businesses can establish their online store in minutes and can easily sign up, set up the shipping costs, and list down products, which means your online store can go live within minutes and then you can start putting your efforts for optimizing your store to get traffic and leads.

Square Market is added with loads of customizable features to make it easy for the store owners so that they could make the modifications as per their convenience. The list of features added to Square market includes personalized images and logos, adjustable tax rates, flexible promotional codes, social media links, color and size options, mobile-friendly store fronts, and a set of effective online marketing tools.

Moreover, the store owners at the Square Market platform are freed from paying any monthly fees, but they only have to pay 2.5 percent per sale.

4. BigCommerce
BigCommerce is one of the most effective and user-friendly Ecommerce platforms available for those who want to set up their online store amidst their reputed competitors. Loaded with a bundle of startling features, the expert team of BigCommerce helps you through each step of the process of migrating from any other platform to BigCommerce platform.

There are lots of customizable templates available for BigCommerce online stores from where you can choose and customize the template as per your set of requirements. You can easily modify and manage your website with BigCommerce platform.

5. WooCommerce
For DIY websites, WordPress is considered as the best platform. Hence, if you are planning to develop an online store for your business in an open source platform, it makes perfect sense to use WooCommerce, which is a Wordpress based Ecommerce platform. Being an open source and free Ecommerce platform, you can perform modifications and changes in your online store very conveniently without being locked into proprietary software or into a monthly contract.

WooCommerce is an ultimate choice for niche websites that are just starting their Ecommerce journey to compete against their reputed rivals. If you are already familiar with the features of Wordpress, then using WooCommerce for your online store will help in achieving maximum profit through your online business with better expediency. Besides these features, WooCommerce requires no monthly payment as a share in your profit and you can use this user-friendly Ecommerce solution effectively for selling your products online.

6. Vee24
If you want to deliver a new customer experience to your customers, then opt for Vee24 that is a great option for starting up your Ecommerce business. This online customer engagement Ecommerce platform comes with the latest video technology for allowing the online retailers to engage their target audience as well as to answer their queries and concerns.

Vee24 offers three different products:
• VeeKiosk
• VeeChat
• VeeStudio

All of these three products are devised to make customer service easy and successful, which is helpful in impacting the business metrics such as customer loyalty and online conversion.

7. MobiCart
If you want to go mobile with your Ecommerce store, then MobiCart is the perfect choice. This user friendly Ecommerce solution changes your online store into mobile commerce app, which helps in driving mobile traffic to your online store.

This mobile commerce solution is fully customizable to suit your brand and it works to bring links to your existing website, thus increasing your chances of getting better sales through mobile traffic. It could be integrated with more than 45 shopping carts very easily including Shopify, 3DCart, and Volusion.

This Ecommerce solution is integrated with a native application creator for iPad, iPhone, Android and HTML5 Web applications that can be accessed through mobile browsers. You can use for 10 products at free of cost, but after that you can choose for the basic plan, which starts at $15 per month or if you choose for a yearly plan, then you will get two months free.

How To Choose the Right Ecommerce Solution?
The most obvious reasons for choosing the right Ecommerce solution are minimum investment and maximum return of investment (ROI). You must select an Ecommerce solution, which is integrated with features needed for the growth of your business. You never want to pay for the features that you are not using today and hence, the correct decision is of utmost priority when it comes to investing for your startup business.

Most of the Ecommerce solutions offer the basic required for setting up your online store, which includes an integrated shopping cart, customizable website templates, email marketing, search engine optimization, analytics and inventory management. Being a business owner, you just have to create your own account for using the store management tools.

However, to find the best and appropriate Ecommerce solutions, you must know what is important for achieving your business goals. Therefore, you should conduct a thorough research for the vendors to get the complete Ecommerce solution at an affordable price. When you know what your requirements are, you can easily choose the right Ecommerce solution for boosting your online store performance.

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