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Christina Mayer 28 January 2015
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5 Invalid Excuses To Use When You Lack Web Traffic

Avoid using these 5 Invalid Excuses to use when you Lack Web Traffic.

Don’t reason out foolish excuses whenever you lack viewers. Avoid using these 5 Invalid Excuses to use when you Lack Web Traffic. Most of the time, we find reasons why we fail on some business aspects.

It is natural for a website marketer to find answers whenever he or she fails to meet up with the required results after using his or her strategy. We all know that online marketing is as hard as it looks like, but we do make it harder by not doing our best in terms of advertising, gathering of web traffic and the like. What’s worse is that we give excuses that aren’t even valid enough for us to actually say that we cannot achieve real results. One common problem when it comes to online marketing will be coming from your website traffic. Some website owners lack website traffic from the start, making it hard for them to generate any sales at all.

Although traffic lacking is a common problem, any website (or even any niche) can still generate traffic in any way possible. The problem with this is that some website marketers are too lazy or too afraid to venture in some ways in gathering internet traffic that they keep on giving invalid reasons to avoid doing it.

So if you think you are one of them, then you must check out these 5 invalid excuses to use when you lack web traffic. Think you already used one of them?

1. You must buy website traffic to obtain traffic
Buying web traffic is not the only option that you can use to obtain traffic. There are some website owners who maximize free traffic and produce sales from these free viewers. You could also get traffic by making your brand “more visible” to the public by applying SEO.

2. SEO is hard to apply; it takes too much effort
SEO is practiced by the majority of websites on the internet today. Some top-ranking websites continuously practice page optimization before getting the top spot on their keywords. Besides, SEO is beneficial on the long run so marketers should really practice SEO.

3. No matter what happens, my traffic does not convert, so getting more will probably be useless
This is one of the biggest and senseless excuses that some marketers make when avoiding web traffic. Every marketer should remember that conversion doesn’t happen overnight and sales don’t appear that quickly. One must always remember that consistency is the key when getting more viewers for your website.

4. Traffic is just traffic, what’s more important are sales
In reality, you cannot generate sales if people do not your brand from the start. Not showing the world your website will never help you gain more traffic and more sales.

5. I’ll wait until viewers discover my website
You website will not be able to generate traffic without you initiating the movement. Waiting for organic traffic is also risky, especially if your website is not on the first few pages of SERP.

So how was it, marketers? Did you also find your excuses above? Have you tried using these 5 invalid excuses to use when you lack web traffic?

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