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Biljana Lukovic 20 February 2015
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Is Traditional Marketing Promoting Social Media Better Than Digital Marketing?

We are living in offline and online world. One-sided marketing approach is a NO! Digital+Traditional Marketing = success

Digital or Online or Inbound or whatever type of marketing you mention, will not work well if CEOs or CMTOs establish their marketing strategies on one side of the story only.

I recently wrote a text dealing with a kind of a ‘never-ending-story’ (almost like the old puzzle what came first – the chicken or the egg - although in this concrete case it is sure chicken was first!) I was writing about differences between traditional and new, digital marketing. Advantages, disadvantages, different approaches, changes in today’s way of living in general etc. Interesting topic until I realized, these 2 advertising approaches actually have similar foundations and are quite similar in some things. I will not go into details. You will read the text and then agree or disagree. Fair enough!

I know it sounds crazy and I will not even try to go into discussing differences between ‘Interruption’ and ‘Permission’ Marketing (some prefer Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing and others, like me, just simply traditional vs. modern – digital). Idea for this text came to me just a few moments ago when I re-opened very interesting article which depicted and portrayed social media phenomenon we are dealing with so much now in a vintage and a really fun, yet so realistic way.

Take a look

Then, my light bulb above the head started to shine. OK, maybe it was a huge mistake, but it happened and I set down and wrote this article in which I tried to show you that traditional marketing and all this new, digital, mobile, modern, hi-tech, social media marketing trends (there is so many different names for these novelties) can go together hand-in-hand so well that maybe we are not even aware how good can this work.


So, inspiration came to me from interesting and innovative ad series done by Brazilian Ad Agency Moma Propaganda in 2008 showing us how social media might look like if invented some 50 years ago. They played with all most popular SM giants: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype Their so smartly designed advertising posters and flyers done to visually appeal to those ‘a bit older’ and written in language dated ‘properly’ as well. Everything these traditional adverts have were done to be in full accordance with the time and way of thinking. Respect!


So, we can say this advertising campaign was generally a great joke and was comparing past vs. modern times, but it was actually so wisely promoting both traditional marketing approach (not to mention ‘traditional’ living standards, family values, retro visuals, way of thinking different than today’s… etc.) and social media online marketing approach full of WiFi, on-the-move life, one-touch embedded apps and hyper connected always available communication options.

OK, I agree that all this can confuse you. But, just take a look at these genius social media paper-based ads speaking about SF times in a pure vintage visual presentation and language selection. And this is brilliant! This actually proves that both traditional and modern can work right and get great results if done properly. This time I used a fun campaign to illustrate this since I think it really hit the point and said much more with less words and many explaining and analyzing. This fantastic and fun campaign actually had much deeper message people seemed to miss.


Something similar was done a year later by Big Fuel when they filmed and published an excellent YouTube video hit using vintage social media approach again. The real guide how to and how not to communicate and brake up over Facebook. But in 1960s style. "Facebook Manners And You" was the official 2009 Webby Award Honoree for Best Writing and Comedy in the "Individual Short or Episode" category - and has garnered now almost 2 million views on YouTube, as of this posting.” quoting:

Digital or Online or Inbound or …,whatever type of marketing you mention, will not work well if CEOs or CMTOs establish their marketing strategies on one side of the story only. Even if it is dominant one – digital. We are (still) living in both offline and online worlds so one-sided approach won’t work. Not only for traditional marketing, but online one as well. Only combination of both will give the best results. And this entertaining campaign actually helped us understand this.

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