Christina Mayer
Christina Mayer 20 February 2015

Gems - How Can Testimonials Bring Money?

We easily believe something when it came from someone we know.

Use your testimonials as your main site leverage with these tips.

We easily believe something when it came from someone we know. This is why rumors and other false stories spread easily. If one reports something and his or her friends trust him or her, that story will go on as a fact in the mind of his or her friends. This humanistic nature can also be used in a good way, such as positive testimonials. These testimonials do not only entice targeted traffic, but it also boost your reputation.

The problem here is that website owners do not actually know how to maximize their testimonials to get more sales. Testimonials is a gem that website owners must invest on. Little do some website owners know that testimonials can be their greatest asset when it comes to their business. Of course, you know that your testimonials can boost website traffic on higher levels.

Get more testimonials for your website and you can get more traffic and sales faster than your competitors. But how can you make sure that you can get those gems from your site, and how can you maximize these gems to get all of its advantages?

1. Deliver good services first before asking for testimonials
Ensure that they got something good to share FIRST. You can’t simply ask for good testimonials if you know yourself that your services do not make it to the cut. Deliver the best products and services to your customers and ensure that this is constant. In this way, you could easily secure those good commentaries from them.

2. Give something in return
Once you got what you need from your customers, give something back in return. Since they enjoy your services so much, you can give them freebies and discounts. This is a win-win situation because you get to keep those loyal customers and your customers would enjoy your products and services more.

3. Feature them and include their names (if possible)
It’s just like going inside a concert where a singer greets you personally while singing. Your customers also want their fair share of the spotlight. Featuring their name on your site gives your future customers that “related” feeling, which then leads to more web traffic.

4. Be sure that these testimonials can be located at your home screen
You immediately want your customers to see your testimonials to ensure that you get their trust right away. This trick works effectively since a lot of your click traffic won’t scurry deeper into your website. Present them immediately your “gems” and you get sales and conversions, right away!

5. Update your testimonials
You should also update your testimonials if needed. Just like your contents, your testimonials should also be updated for a more “realistic” message to your customers.

Remember, invest on these gems and use it as your advantage! Start collecting your testimonials now and expect your site to boost website traffic instantly.

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