John Terra
John Terra 14 December 2015

Video Marketing With Periscope

If you're into e-commerce and online marketing, then you may want to consider employing video if you don't

In this world of Internet dominance, wireless networking, and the rise of mobile devices, there are now so many more ways to reach an audience with your latest marketing campaign. It’s certainly an exciting time for e-commerce professionals, but it can also be intimidating since it seems that every time you turn around, there’s an innovation waiting to be mastered.

Video has really come into its own in this brave new world. It’s become easier than ever to make and share videos, something that a dozen years ago was such a chore and seemed to reside solely in the territory of nerds and cyber-geeks.

If you’re into e-commerce and online marketing, then you may want to consider employing video if you don’t already, and use Periscope to make the whole process easier.

Okay, What The Heck Is Periscope?
Periscope is a live video streaming platform that’s owned by Twitter. It lets you record videos and then stream them to friends, family, and followers. It can be used along with your Twitter account, or you can create an account with your mobile phone number.

The article "Thinking About Trying Periscope?", quotes the site Fast Company, which says that one million users signed up for it in the first ten days. Fast Company goes on to say that "... so far the app has been used for political messaging, sports broadcasts, news reporting, and much more."

Now that we settled that, here are some ideas on how to use it for marketing.

Hook Them With A Good Title
When you create a video, Periscope sends out an alert by text message, telling people that there’s a new video for them to watch. So you need to make sure that the headline is something that will grab people’s attention. Just like with articles you find online, you need to make the reader intrigued enough to engage the content. The title should be fun, catchy, maybe even a little informative if possible, to give people an idea of what they’re getting themselves into.

Try Holding A Press Conference
If you’re using Periscope for marketing, why not consider doing a press conference remotely? Everyone simply tunes in, and off you go. It’s certainly more relaxed and easier to pull off than trying to get everyone together in one physical location at the same time.

Do A Product Demonstration
Maybe your product is so cool that it needs to be seen in action to be believed. Or maybe it’s something reputed to be complicated to use, so you’re trying to show people that’s not the case. No matter what your reasons, a demo streamed on video can generate a lot of enthusiasm for your goods.

Put On A Webinar
If you pause and think about it, a webinar is a great way to show the world just how smart you are. Okay, yes, you’re imparting information to people on a topic that the audience is interested in, but really, a webinar highlights the speaker and their expertise. By doing a webinar with Periscope, you showcase your professional knowledge, and everyone likes doing business with a company that knows what it’s doing. It’s a great way to build trust.

There are so many more applications for Periscope that any enterprising marketing expert can use to their advantage. For more insights into video marketing, read "Video Marketing Planning Made Easy".

John Terra has been a freelance writer since 1985. He has been involved in the e-commerce and marketing fields for over 15 years.

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