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5 Top-Notch Social Media Campaigns Of 2015 And What Made Them Impactful

Who doesn't want to create buzz in the digital world and reach a wider audience?

Who doesn’t want to create buzz in the digital world and reach a wider audience?


However, getting your brand noticed in today’s media-saturated landscape is getting increasingly challenging with each passing day. Breaking through the Internet clutter from among the plethora of brands that already exist is no walk in the park.




An effective social media campaign can come to your rescue and even give you a competitive edge.


There are social media campaigns and then there are clever social media marketing campaigns, those that can help achieve the desired results and boost your bottom line. They create an explosion in the social media universe because they know how to hit the right spot with the target audience.


Here are a few social media campaigns that are the epitomes of perfection. The below-mentioned brands with their out-of-the-box ideas broke new ground in social media this year. Read on to find out what made their campaigns impressive.


1. Domino’s Pizza - Emoji-Based Pizza Ordering System


There’s no denying that emojis are the new most popular means of online communication.  Domino’s Pizza made the most of this by taking an innovative approach and implementing an emoji-based system to order pizzas on Twitter, earlier this year.


The campaign ended up becoming so successful that it won 2015’s Grand Prix for the most breakthrough idea of the year.


The social media marketing stunt not only earned immense media coverage, but also turned out to be a viral hit. More than 500 people across the U.S. used the emoji ordering system in just one day of the campaign going live in May 2015.


What made it impactful: The tweet-to-order system showed its consumers the brand’s commitment to simplification of the pizza-ordering process. Moreover, this also made them come across as a brand that’s ready to capitalize on digital opportunities if and when they arrive.


2. Groupon - Banana Bunker Promotion


Groupon pulled off a spectacular campaign to promote its product Banana Bunker on Facebook in March 2015. The brand is well-known for sharing bizarre products, but this one took the cake. They posted the product’s picture on their Facebook timeline to notify its audience about it, and that’s when it all began. The momentum started building up. The campaign instantly became a viral hit and was reported by AdWeek, US Magazine, Distractify, Buzzfeed, Mashable, and even Forbes. They had only 600 banana bunkers available with them, and were able to sell all, even before the Facebook post went viral.


What made it impactful: The credit for this goes to Groupon’s way of handling the conversation with its consumers on Facebook and their use of humor. They knew exactly what was coming along the way and were prepared for it. Their casual and one-on-one approach helped garner a lot of attention.


3. The World Wildlife Fund - #LastSelfie


The WWF decided to leverage the concept of Snapchat’s picture and video messages surviving in users’ inbox for ten seconds or less to create awareness about endangered species.


They used the picture of the endangered species as a promoted post with the caption, ’Don’t let this be my last selfie.’ But, that turned out to be incredibly persuasive. The organization managed to receive a month’s donation in simply three days of launching the campaign in April 2014. Moreover, owing to critical acclaim, the campaign won the 2015 Webby Award.


What made it impactful: The campaign struck an emotional chord with its audience right away. Snapchat helped convey the WWF’s strategic message in an effective manner. Moreover, the WWF used the selfie aspect in their campaign which went a long way in generating extra revenue. The campaign’s ’disappearing nature’ made their message convincing and resulted in increased donations for the organization.


4. Hewlett-Packard - #BendTheRules


HP released a 30-second TV ad on Vine, featuring six Viners playing around with an HP Pavilion x360 convertible laptop-tablet in August 2014. The ad highlights the hashtag #BendTheRules and the concept of how you bend the rules. Adding to this, HP took an extra step with its campaign’s 2015 edition (’Going Epic’), which involves humongous stunts such as being set on fire and breaking through glass.


What made it impactful: Instead of developing a conventional TV ad for its product, HP took the ’social-first’ approach, which made this campaign a huge hit among millennials. The fact that it’s the first television spot created entirely out of Vine sequences makes it highly-appealing. Tapping Viners and pulling off mammoth stunts helped give the brand a marketing boost on the respective platform.


5. Burberry - Front Row Seat through Periscope and Snapchat


Fashion brands have been trying to make the most of social media to promote themselves. But, Burberry’s going the extra mile by giving its fans behind-the-scenes access to its spring 2016 campaign photoshoot through Snapchat. Several photos from the campaign are accessible at present, but the entire print campaign will be revealed in 2016.


This will allow the viewers to watch their Spring 2016 campaign shoot with Mario Testino live and in real time on Snapchat. Burberry’s experiment has grabbed several eyeballs. Burberry has established itself as a brand that embraces the potential and the opportunities presented by social media.


Apart from this, the British Fashion label used Periscope and Snapchat in April this year to live broadcast its show at Los Angeles’ Griffith Observatory. The brand claimed that this strategy helped them achieve over 100 million impressions.


What made it impactful: The Burberry Periscope and Snapchat campaign was able to deliver an exclusive brand experience to its consumers via digital technology.


Both the aforementioned social media marketing campaigns ensured to make their mark on social media. There are several aspects to bear in mind when it comes to creating an excellent social media campaign: analyzing your target users, setting goals for the campaign, adding viral elements, and taking care of the design elements. Adding to this, it may be a good idea to hire a reputed website design company for promoting your various online marketing campaigns. For instance, if you’re a business based in Charlotte, you can consider hiring Charlotte NC Web Design firm.




Churning out memorable social media campaigns can take your company to a whole new level. They can help you create an impact among your consumers, which is what you need to aim for. Take notes from the above-mentioned campaigns and incorporate their techniques in your social media strategy. Remember, your campaign shouldn’t be just about increasing your follower count. You also need to focus on engaging your audience with your brand through your campaign. Gaining a better understanding of your target audience and devising social media campaigns accordingly will definitely help you reach your business goals.

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