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Periscope Vs. Meerkat- The Battle Of The Broadcasters

So what's the big deal? And why is everyone, absolutely every digital marketing blog talking about it?

So what’s the big deal? And why is everyone, absolutely every digital marketing blog talking about it?

In a nutshell, it is the evolution of pre-recorded video uploads to live uploads, therefore becoming broadcasting video. It is like the basic difference between taped news and live news, one is editable and one is not. This highlights the authenticity of the video being broadcast live as opposed to pre-recorded and uploading after.

There is more, it is also easy to integrate with Twitter and gather audiences as it goes along becoming a powerful strategy that can attract viewers instantly. The rules of the book will be re-written, again.

What we need to understand is why is it such a game changer?

Live-streaming of events now becomes more powerful and accessible feeding live to thousands of viewers. Possibly even participate on-air whilst the event is going on. Corporate branding and product reviews can use this medium to showcase their latest market launches or company PR strategies.

Business meetings and live conferences now can engage users whilst the event is happening and even though this exists already it is not yet embedded in popular social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, the reach is exponentially higher. Video blogging is the next big thing and what is better than engaging your listener having the possibility to interact live? Marketing teams can even organise live ads with real time participation. The possibilities are endless and I’m sure marketers are already thinking how to integrate this new app in their business model.

Take Home Message.

The take home message is that suddenly everyone is a media broadcaster, a spontaneous live TV network. Nothing beats a ‘live now’ push notification, highlighting that you should watch now or miss out forever.

Well, don’t take it from me, take it from twitter who just spent between $50-100 million to buy Periscope and Meerkat just got $12 million in funding to grow. It might also develop into a whole new platform of itself rather than be embedded in existing ones.

We have finally managed to take ‘Big brother’ to a whole new level. It’s hard to predict how big Periscope will be and how Meerkat will react to it; one thing is for sure, it’s going to be BIG with a capital B.

Foto credit: Original Post  Twitter- @Yumigami_media

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