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Rachel Oliver 9 April 2015
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Five E-Commerce Tools To Help You Build A Profitable Online Presence

Here is a list of five curated tools that can help strengthen their online presence, trigger conversions and boost sales.

The eCommerce industry’s exponential growth is encouraging many traditional businesses to move online and expand beyond demographic and geographic boundaries.

There are plenty of tools available on the market, which can help them reap the benefits of their online presence. However, many of them end up choosing the wrong tools, which means they’re unable to make the most of their presence on the World Wide Web.

To make the task of these businesses a little easier, here is a list of five curated tools that can help strengthen their online presence, trigger conversions and boost sales:

1. ShopIntegrator




If you need a robust, customizable online store in a few easy steps, go for ShopIntegrator. All you have to do is copy paste a piece of code in your website or blog and add the eCommerce functionalities provided by this tool! Yes, it’s as simple as that. You don’t need HTML knowledge or programming experience; just follow a step-by-step process to make your online store live in a few minutes. 


No costly and time-consuming store set-up that burns holes in your pocket! 


The multi-device compatibility of this builder makes it easy for your users to shop at your store from their homes, offices and even on the go. Shopping has to be hassle-free and this is essentially made possible by your ShopIntegrator website working for you round-the-clock!


This tool allows you to sell digital downloads courtesy the rapid content delivery mechanism and PCI complaint architecture protected by McAfee. With all these features and more, you can ensure your eCommerce business takes off with minimal effort and resources.

2. Volusion  



Volusion is an e-store building tool that offers a wide range of plans that also include an enterprise option for large businesses. With over 350 templates on offer, you can choose the best one for your business. However, if you fail to find an option that suits your business needs and requirements, you can use the design wizard and customizable tools to create one.

Good content is extremely important for the success of your business. Volusion makes content management easy by helping you populate the spreadsheet with product information, which can be uploaded on the fly; customize the product display or make necessary changes as and when you want.

Features like product comparisons, gift certificates, cart abandonment notification, promotional emailing and product recommendations are all geared to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Since your store is mobile responsive, your mobile customers can shop with ease at your eCommerce store. You can even upgrade your plan and integrate with or create a storefront on eBay quickly and conveniently.

Also, take advantage of Volusion’s Social Store Builder and list your products on the Facebook page. Connect with Twitter and showcase your products on YouTube and attract loads of traffic to your store. Integration with QuickBooks and Google Analytics will simply accounting and give you insights into traffic analytics.

Volusion has a good back office that interacts with drop shipping companies you work with; it also helps monitor your inventory, and produces a handful of standard and customized reports.

You can rest easy with tamperproof security, because all the web pages are SSL encrypted. Other security features like ‘fraudulent order red flag’ and integrated IP-blocking (for uncivil customers) give you and genuine shoppers’ peace of mind.

Backed by excellent marketing support features (video chat, email, telephone) and security you can count on this store to deliver the results you expect.

3. Shopify  

Shopify empowers you to build a store that perfectly captures the ethos of your online business.


Take advantage of the simple web-design interface and large number of add-ons offered by Shopify to modify the template perfectly to your business theme. If you have a brick and mortar store, Shopify allows you to quickly integrate the point-of-sale with your online set-up. As can be imagined, this is a massive benefit!


Upgrade your subscription plan and take advantage of the large bank of versatile apps and integrate them to your store and increase functionality manifold.


Automated features like customer reviews, product comparison and image zoom help you leverage sales by empowering your shoppers to take quick and informed decisions and proceed to the checkout page.


Live-order-tracking and email confirmation always keep your buyers in the loop during the sales cycle. If they have some queries, they can easily reach you through live chat, a feature that you generally do not find in most eCommerce software solutions.


With a Shopify store, your customers are assured of a safe shopping experience because of the SSL protected checkout; merchants can shield their business from fraudulent customers as the software red flags potential fraudulent purchases.


Since your e-store design is web responsive, you can run your online business even from your smartphone or tablet. Integrated with marketing support services like phone, email and live chat, Shopify ensures your customers’ shopping experience is absolutely top-notch.

4. Shopping Elite Cart




Shopping Cart Elite has robust back office features, especially the standout point-of-sale system. If you have a physical store, you can operate it using the same eCommerce software and thus take control of your brick and mortar and online store at the same time. This tool also allows you to connect with Google analytics and Quickbooks to optimize your business and streamline accounting for better results.


Add life to your products by using an image-resizing tool that automatically produces large product images besides creating their thumbnail versions. The price comparison tool compares your product prices with competitors and automatically adjusts them to make your pricing competitive.


You can also add reviews about your product and influence a positive decision from prospective buyers. Other benefits include the multi-currency feature, 60 plus payment gateways for managing payment types from credit cards to PayPal and in-house credit card processing; these make it easy for your shoppers to shop securely-anywhere, anytime.


With inbuilt SEO-friendly features like keyword rank monitor, search engine indexer, visitor analytics, RSS feeds and visitor behavior analytics, you always know your store’s ranking for your business keywords. Combined with other features like abandonment cart notifications, emailers and blogging, you can target the right audience and bring about more conversions.

5. OCoos

Even if you do not want to run a full-fledged online business, but intend to provide online services then OCoos offers you a cost-effective and customizable eCommerce platform. This do-it-yourself website builder tool enables you to create a themed storefront without any tech skills. So, OCoos is not only for retailers, but also for non-merchants. 


The streamlined back-office administrative architecture makes it easy to integrate CRM, social media tools, sales tracking, report generation and export data to QuickBooks and Excel. Loaded with other features like Apple Pay, your mobile customers can buy products from your e-store while on the move. By adding mobility to your e- store, you increase your revenues.


You need to have a clear view of your target audience. Once that is done, making the right choice vis-a-vis eCommerce platforms would not be challenge at all, because you know which one is best-suited to win over your customers.

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