Exclusive: Highlights From Digital Doughnut's POPCORN Event With Mike Berry

Highlights from Digital Doughnut's POPCORN event, a review of award winning marketing campaigns with Mike Berry.

Highlights from Digital Doughnut’s POPCORN event, a review of award winning marketing campaigns with Mike Berry.

On 26 March, I spent the afternoon at the cinema. However, I didn’t watch any films, or eat any popcorn. Instead, I sat back and enjoyed a succession of presentations on some awesome award winning digital marketing campaigns, led by Mike Berry, co-author of ‘The Best of Global Digital Marketing – The Storybook.’

Here are a few of my favourite campaigns from the day:


Coca-Cola Small World Machines – India and Pakistan - Leo Burnett Sydney and Chicago

Coke don’t do things by halves, so it’s no surprise to hear they attempted to unite two historically divided nations, India and Pakistan. The campaign placed a number of paired ‘small machines’ in public areas in both India and Pakistan for an equally digital and experiential campaign. Indian and Pakistani people were able to communicate with each other by placing their hands on a screen that was linked to another ‘small machine’ in the opposite location.


The story was the brand’s highest-shared ever, reaching 18 million Facebook and Twitter users. 

Watch the campaign video, that really hit home for me.

campaign video


Nivea Sun Kids – Brazil – FCB Brazil

This campaign originated from what would be any parents worst nightmare - losing sight of their child. Tying in nicely with the ‘Nivea Sun Kids is about protection,’ strapline, the campaign involved a clever mix of offline and online marketing, with a magazine advert and mobile app. The paper ad included a detachable bracelet containing a Bluetooth chip that, when placed around the child’s wrist, could track the child’s distance away via the mobile app.

The key thing here for me was Nivea’s seamless integration of location technology, smartphone and print advert in truly innovative fashion, all the while providing their customers (parents) with a potentially life-saving solution to keeping track of their kids.

Troy Public Library – United States – Leo Burnett, Detroit

Troy Public Library in Michigan, Detroit, was facing closure due to city service cuts from a struggling state economy. The citizens of the city were offered a vote to either save the library and agree to a tax increase, or close it. In stepped Leo Burrett, who offered their services free of charge and delivered one of the greatest reverse psychology campaigns I’ve ever heard of. They cleverly linked that a vote to close the library was akin to actually burning the books. Using reverse psychology, they posted ‘pro closure’ signs around the town, advertising a book burning party three days after the referendum and also set up a Facebook event page for the ‘party.’

The response on social media was overwhelmingly negative with quotes such as ‘This is disgusting. Reject the wackos. Vote yes,’ only helping their cause. By the time the agency announced ‘A vote against the library is like a vote to burn books,’ the campaign had convinced enough people to vote no to closing the library and it won the referendum by a landslide.

The book burning party was of course, cancelled.   


After the presentations were finished, the audience adjourned to the local bar. All in all, agreat event from Digital Doughnut – I’m already looking forward to the next!

About Author:
Florence Eves is Marketing Executive at Latitude Digital Marketing. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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