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Amanda Cline 20 April 2015
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CodeIgniter- Ideal PHP Frameworks For Creating Cutting-Edge Mobile Apps

How to create cutting-edge mobile apps.

As PHP continues to evolve incredibly, we are aided by certain frameworks that have given wings to our projects and help us achieved goals with greater flair.

But, then there are certain frameworks that contribute a bit more than the rest. And, Codelgniter remains to be the leader among such development frameworks. This powerful and widely used tool is being adopted by webmasters to make headways in the development realm and reach better avenues that otherwise seem unattainable for them.


The buoyancy of Codelgniter is higher than any other PHP framework out there. The ease with which it allows developers to build bespoke web apps is undeniable. What takes this leading framework beyond conventions is that it comes complete with a library to help you perform common tasks in the quickest possible manner. Being an open-source framework, it comes handy for anyone involved in building applications or websites using PHP. It’s worth noticing that Codelgniter isn’t a full-fledged PHP substitute, it’s a PHP driven framework that comes packed with a collection of plugins, libraries, modules, and several other helpful resources that are relevant to support PHP related functions.


The set of codes can be accessed and used in an effortless manner, which in turn reduces a lot of precious time and efforts. There is absolutely no need for developers to dig deep into long-winded codes, and develop for more creative ways to build and execute groundbreaking PHP projects. So, it can be said that for any ambitious PHP developer, Codelgniter is an appropriate tool to opt for.

Understanding MVC Structure of Codelgniter

Codelgniter is based on model view controller pattern. It’s basically a software approach that separates logic from presentation. Technically speaking, it allows your web pages to contain a minimal amount of scripting because the presentation is separate from the PHP scripting.

Please read the following points to understand the concept better:

Model: Model is responsible to represent your data structures. A typical model class allows you perform functions such as retrieve, insert, and restructure database information.

View: View is the information that is being rendered to the user or we can say information that is accessible to them. A view can be a typical web page, but in Codelgniter, it can be a footer or header of a page. It can also be a RSS page or any other type of page.

Controller: It acts as a intermediary between the model and view to, or any other resource you need to respond to HTTP request or create a web page. It accepts input from the user and instructs the model and a view to start producing actions based on the inputs received. It also controls the information flow within an application.

Remapping Function Calls

In Codelgniter you can remap functions calls with the help of function within the controller called _remap(). This function will be called every time whenever the controller is called even when a different function is used. A function labeled as remap () is always called irrespective of the URL if encapsulated with controller. This way Codelgniter will call remap () function before any other function. It’s a useful features for developers who are looking for some easy ways to remap the calls function or to remap functions rather than extending routing class of Codelgniter.

Basic Advantages of Codelgniter

1. It Works Fast
The extensions and library scripts of Codelgniter multiply its default capabilities by several notches and you get to add dimensions to your apps that make them all the more versatile and dynamic. The usability of these available code however goes beyond the fact that they let you add more sophisticated elements to your programs. Their versatility help the developers to eliminate large portions of code, or not write them at all, which lends more comprehensibility to their work and reduces the development time to a great extent.

2. It is Easy to Configure
Configuration is a challenging task, and it becomes all the more prevalent when you have to work with different frameworks. However, this isn’t a case with Codelgniter as it gives you an easy way to configure your project. It makes configuration extremely easy which ultimately save developers a considerable amount of time.

3. Comprehensive User Guide
CodelGniter is praised for its developer-friendly user guide and documentation. Its fantastic documentation can be a boon for any coder in learning about the use of framework. Its Active Record Implementation is also super and easy to remember.

4. Reduces the Chances of Messing Up with Codes
Team based projects are often complicated because members can easily mess up with some specific set of code while performing certain tasks. However, using Codelgniter means there is less chances of anyone experimenting with codes and thus hinder the project flow. The reason being- the framework provides a predefined set of code to perform some common tasks. Its MVC framework is also a boon for team members when it comes to executing tasks in an efficient manner.

To Conclude
Codelgniter is a leading PHP framework which continues to dictate trend in the development realm. It has everything you need to stay agile and productive, and this what that makes Codelgniter popular among today’s developers.

About Author:
Currently employed with Xicom Technologies Ltd,­ a company standing proud amongst the top notch mobile application development companies, Amanda can serve as an excellent asset for your web development project. Amanda Cline is a programmer with an excellent track record of having delivered simple and complex web development projects. Amanda has a wide collection of informative articles related to Custom Software Development, Web Application Development etc. under her name.

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