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Mike Kevin 17 April 2015

Android Monitoring Apps - Best Mobile Monitoring Apps

Android monitoring apps are on the rise to help reduce the security risk as an increasing number of people are unknowingly involved in Internet scams, phishing and other such privacy breaches.

There are a number of fraudulent sites on the web and it is important for the users to stay aware of such sites.

There are many users who have suffered from security breaches while using the internet and frauds cost millions of dollars each year.

Android monitoring apps are on the rise as there are more users of Android as compared to other platforms. The increased use of the internet and mobile has forced the users to go for monitoring apps and they are easily available on the internet as well.

Monitoring apps

Monitoring apps are the apps that help the user to monitor the activities of other users. These apps are being used by most of the parents to monitor the activities of their child. Different logs are created for all the activities performed by the user. There can be any activity like receiving and dialing calls, sending and receiving messages or any web pages visited by the user.


The logs generated by the monitoring apps can be viewed remotely by another user sitting at any other place and this is known as real time monitoring sometimes as the logs are created and viewed at the same time, but this is not possible with all the monitoring apps.

Advantages of monitoring apps for parents

It is important for the parents to keep an eye on their children, but this is not possible every time as the parents cannot stick to their children the whole day. The professional obligations also not allow the parents to look after their children’s activities on the web. Here comes the role of Android monitoring apps which are very helpful in tracking down the activities of the children.


The monitoring apps allow the parents to see what the kids are doing with their mobile devices. The apps also allow them to control what the child is doing on the phone. This will also give the parents valuable information about the child’s safety. The monitoring apps ensure the parents that the child is not watching any inappropriate content on the internet.


A typical Android monitoring app has so many features and it can help both the parents and the children in different ways. The parents can limit the access of internet in the child’s phone. Some of the apps also allow setting time durations during which the child is allowed to access the internet.

Advantages of monitoring apps for employees

The monitoring apps can also be used to track the activities of the employees in an organization as well.


The employer can check all the send and receive messages along with the website logs as well. The monitoring app can be installed on the device of the employees that have been provided to them by the employers. This allows them to take the screenshots also and they can also give their employees feedback they get from the monitoring apps.

Advantages of monitoring apps for lost phone

It may happen that you lost your Android phone somewhere and it becomes difficult for you to track down the phone. But if any Android monitoring app is installed in the phone, then all the activities performed in the phone can be tracked and this can help you find your lost phone.

Different Types of Android Monitoring apps

The monitoring apps can be used for a number of reasons and here is the list of few apps that can be used for monitoring purposes. 

  • Cell Tracker - This app is used to track down the location where the person being tracked arrives and when the person left the same place. It keeps logs of all the locations visited by the user
  • Sneaky Cam - Using this app makes the user appear doing something else on the camera while actually spying. You can choose and fix a background of your choice to show when this app is on
  • Ear Spy - This app amplifies the sound around you via the device microphone all the way to the earphones. This app picks the conversations going on in the surroundings and it doesn’t allow the other people identify that you are spying on them
  • Secret Calls - This app protects all the contacts and keeps all the activities hidden and safe. The app hides the phonebook contact icon to make sure no one else sees the call activities in the phone. The app also deletes the incoming and outgoing calls automatically so that no one can see your activities.

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Mike Kevin is a experienced management consultant and customer strategist at leading android monitoring software developer company. He responsible for maintains ongoing relationships with hundreds of client each year to keep a finger on the pulse of the market.

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