Helena Mcaleer
Helena Mcaleer 15 October 2014

Mike Nutley Head of Content Discusses Inspiration: Think Again

Where do ideas come from? How can I have more? How can I be more creative?




Buy tickets for this year’s ’Inpiration-Think Again’ on October 23rd, 2014 at the Royal Geographical Society, London.

  •          What is Inspiration – Think Again?


Inspiration is an event for anybody who needs to have more ideas, needs to be more creative, needs to be able to work with those ideas to refine them and develop them, and to implement them in their business.


Lots of people recognize they need to be more creative. They want to be more creative, but they don’t have the background. If you went to an art school one of the things they teach you at art school is how to be creative, how to work with ideas. How to develop ideas when you’ve had them so that they’re more effective. They have more impact.


Most people who work in digital marketing don’t have that kind of background. They’ve never had that kind of thing explained to them or taught them. What we wanted to do when we put Inspiration together was bring together art school in a day. You come along to Inspiration, and you’ll hear people who are inspiring, but you’ll also hear ideas about how to be more creative, how to refine your ideas, and how to put them into action.


  •          What will attendees take away?


We want people to be able to take two things out of Inspiration. We want them to feel that they’ve been given some new ways of thinking, some new approaches, some new tools to be creative, and to be able to work with their ideas, but we also want them to be inspired. We also want them to come away feeling that they can take on these challenges. That they can be creative. They have both a license to be creative, and they have the ability.


  •          Who are the Speakers?


We’ve pulled together a really diverse group of speakers who are coming at this subject from all sorts of different perspectives. We’ve got Beverly Jackson who’s Head of Social Media at Yahoo in the US. We’ve got Laura Jordan Bambach who’s the outgoing president of D&AD, and we’ve got Debbie Kline from Engine Group. We’ve got Justin Cooke from Possible the agency. Scott Cohen from The Orchard. We’ve got someone like Chris Barez Brown from Upping Your Elvis talking.


Where do ideas come from? How can I have more? How can I be more creative?


Buy tickets for this year’s ’Inpiration-Think Again’ on October 23rd, 2014 at the Royal Geographical Society, London.




This years Inspiration is a celebration of creativity, ideas and innovation. These are all widely recognised drivers for success, both for businesses and individuals alike.

Whether your career is just beginning to blossom or you’re a seasoned pro, this one day event will deliver exceptional insight and inspire you to think outside of the box and stand out from the crowd.

Throughout the day you will hear as series of short presentations from an amazing line up of expert presenters from a variety of businesses and disciplines. 

Where: The Royal Geographical Society, London. SW7 2AR
When: Thursday the 23rd of October, 2014 from 8:30am to 5:00pm
Tickets: £199.99 + VAT 


Meet the Speakers

Position:           Former President
Company:         D&AD
Twitter:            @laurajaybee
LinkedIn:          Laura Jordon Bambach
Interview:         Q&A
Laura Jordan Bambach, current creative partner of Mr President. Laura will be discussing the inspirations from her unconventional start in the industry with her art degree.

Position:             Global Creative Officer
Company:           Landor Associates
Twitter:               @landor_dot_com
LinkedIn:            Peter Knapp
Interview:           Q&A
Peter Knapp, leading the way in brand consulting and designing across the world. Peter will discuss finding inspiration in things that have not yet happened using his inspiration from science fiction. Some of the most creative and inspiringpeople are those who have seen no barriers to what could be.

Position:             Chief Digital Officer
Company:           GE Healthcare
LinkedIn:            Ahmed Hasan

Ahmed Hassan, is responsible for developing and delivering exceptional and creative customer experiences. Ahmed will be talking about the challenges of innovation in big organisations. 

Position:             Founder
Company:           Upping Your Elvis
Twitter:              @BarezBrown       
LinkedIn:            Chris Baréz Brown
Interview:           Q&A
Chris Baréz-Brown, helping people reconnect with their inner genius and gain confidence. Chris will pull you from the logical frameworks provided in business and will help you become more aware of how to change your state deliberately when delivering expansive thinking. 

Position:            Head of Product and Digital
Company:          Starcount
Twitter:             @NickoBennett
LinkedIn:          Nick Bennett

Nick Bennett, with over 20 years’ experience in the communications industry primarily focused on digital, Nick will bring you on a journey to lift the burden from our collective shoulders and de-bunk the inspiration myth.

Position:             Executive Director
Company:           Seymourpowell
Twitter:               @seymourpowell
LinkedIn:            Ed Hebblethwaite
Ed Hebblethwaite, brings his expertise from brand strategy to advertising, retail and corporate identity to design and innovation. Ed will discuss innovation as a complete task and the consumer’s role in the innovation process.

Position:            CEO
Company:          Ferris Entertainment
LinkedIn:           Peter Ferris 

Peter Ferris, CEO, Ferris Entertainment, with over 30 years’ experience in the entertainment industry Peter has taught and trained many actors. He will discuss punk film making and how technology has put the tools for creative into the hands of the masses. 

Position:             Chief Executive
Company:           Engine UK
Twitter:               @girlfromafrica
LinkedIn:            Debbie Klein 

Debbie Klein, comes from one of the largest independent global communications companies with agencies specialising in everything from advertising, PR and Social Media to experiential and brand consultancy. Debbie will bring her vast experience and knowledge of the industry and discuss her inspirations from an agency perspective. 

Position:            Explorer/ Author
Company:          Matthew D Thornton
Twitter:             @MattDThornton
LinkedIn:           Matthew Dieumegard Thornton
Interview:          Q&A
Matthew Dieumegard-Thornton, part of the youngest team to climb Mount Everest. Matthew will discuss what inspiredhim to tackle this challenge at such a young age. He will discuss how they overcame monumental psychological and physiological challenges and finally outline how inspiration can be harnessed to bring about revolutionary and rewarding outcomes not only on mountains but in business also.

Position:             CEO
Company:           Flux Creative
LinkedIn:            John Farquhar Smith

John Farquhar-Smith, brings a wealth of experience of large and complex ‘one-off’ events, in challenging environments, where extensive media coverage means there is no a margin for error including the closing of the Beijing Olympics in 2008, the Royal Gala opening of St Pancras International Station and the London 2012 ‘Handover Ceremony’. John will be taking us through the fifteen steps that he takes to turn an idea into reality.

Position:            CEO
Company:          POSSIBLE
Twitter:             @justincooke
LinkedIn:           Justin Cooke
Interview:          Q&A
Justin Cooke, CEO, POSSIBLE, WPP Digital’s largest global agency and former chair of BIMA, the industry for everyone working in digital Britain. Justin’s talk will focus on data and creativity and how they are not enemies. He will discuss how to get inspired by data and how we can use it to come up with brilliant ideas that deliver measurable results and make a difference. 

Position:             Vice President/ Co-Founder
Company:           The Orchard
Twitter:              @scottcohen_
LinkedIn:            Scott Cohen 
Interview:           Q&A
Scott Cohen, a serial entrepreneur and digital activist, evangelising new business models for the digital age. Scott will give us a glimpse into the rollercoaster ride that is being an entrepreneur. The ups and downs and desperation that can bring an entrepreneur to its knees and answer the question, why would anyone do it?  

Position:             Founder
Company:           Booth-Clibborn Creative/ Company Offsite
Twitter:              @ABCStorycoach
LinkedIn:            Ann Booth-Clibborn 

Ann Booth-Clibborn, a BBC TV producer who has spent the last 20 years creating stories for many of the major UK television channels. Ann will help you inspire your colleagues, your clients and most importantly yourself. She will unlock your natural story telling skills and get you using them in your career and business. 

Position:             Senior Director/ Head of  Social Marketing
Company:           Yahoo
Twitter:              @BevJack
LinkedIn:            Beverly Jackson  

Beverly Jackson, joins us all the way from Los Angeles bringing her insight from developing and executing social media strategies and engagement tactics at Yahoo! to us at Inspiration. Beverly will discuss how coming from a radically unconventional background to a corporate Social Media role has given her an innovative perspective on problem solving. 


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