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Ben Hollom 8 October 2014
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Mastering the Four Ms of Social Media

Do you know the four Ms of Social Media?

The world of social media works at a frenetic pace. For those businesses that are just embarking into the sphere it can seem pretty daunting – a bit like walking into a foreign train station, where everybody seems to know what they´re doing except you. However, if you take your time, look around and think about what you are doing, it´s much less intimidating than it first appears.


An article on the Entrepreneur website says that a social media campaign can be simplified into four Ms, which will help you arrive at your destination before you know it – the end point in this case being sales. Here they are.


1. Monitor


Before you launch a campaign, take a look at what´s going on around you. Get a good idea of your competitors´ strengths and weaknesses on social media and make a beeline for the gap in the market. As the campaign progresses, you´ll also have to monitor in the sense of tracking your performance. Manually monitoring social media efforts is time-consuming, so look for helpful analytics tools.


2. Manage


Your analytics results will allow you to gauge what areas are working and what bits need fine tuning. What are your users saying about your company´s campaign and brand? Heed some of that feedback and refine your campaign.


3. Measure


Engagement can be measured across all social media platforms. It´s also possible to see the knock-on effect of paid advertising on Twitter and Facebook in terms of participation in social media campaigns and visits to a company´s website.


4. Monetise


At the point when marketers can highlight a direct correlation between a social media campaign and sales, all the guessing over the value of engagement ends. Use coupons, discounts or prizes – all highly shareable content – to drive sales on social media.


What tips have you got for streamlining a social media campaign? Remember, it´s all about sharing these days.

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