The Difference Between Success And Failure : Common Mistakes Made By Web Design Business Owners.

What is it, exactly, that compels individuals to break from the established "norms" of employment and start their own business?

What is it, exactly, that compels individuals to break from the established “norms” of employment and start their own business? For some, it represents an opportunity to create something that they can finally call their “own.” For others, intrepid entrepreneurship acts as a vehicle through which new products and ideas can be successfully deployed. No matter what your intentions may be for opening your web design business, there’s one significant point that you need to understand - this isn’t going to be easy.

Believe it or not, in businesses where cutting-edge ideas are manifested and utilized on a regular basis, reputation is everything. One big mistake could put a company out of business. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common pitfalls that web design companies find themselves falling into.


#1: Trying To Be An Expert At Everything

Just because software becomes increasingly accessible doesn’t mean that anyone can design a website. In fact, the truth is almost the direct opposite. If you take a look around the internet, you’re bound to find an equal number of websites that look amazingly beautiful and hideous. The successful web design business owner understands that he can’t handle everything by himself. “Success” is, invariably, a product of collaboration. Surround yourself with experts in the fields of graphic design, copywriting, multimedia production and SEO. If you can harness these individual’s talents, you’re almost guaranteed an amazing product.


#2: Ambitious Scheduling

There’s nothing wrong with taking a proactive approach to generating business, new clientele and revenue. That being said, it’s incredibly important that web design firms, particularly newly established organizations, protect their reputation and ensure that they only take on as much business as they can complete professionally. At this early stage, a failed project could be disastrous. Web design business owners must ensure that their team members are fully prepared for the workload that has been established for them.


#3: Quick Turnarounds

You’ve just finished your newest website, and you can’t wait to show it to your client and accept your well-deserved financial reward. That being said, simply “delivering” the product the moment it’s done may be a terrible business strategy. Ask yourself this question - what’s the point of having a website? For many of your clients, it’s likely that they are trying to increase their online visibility. If you’ve just finished uploading your product to the web, there’s a very large chance that Google hasn’t spidered your content yet. Basically, this means that the website will still be “invisible” within Google’s page ranking system. Your  client may love the design you’ve created, but it’s almost guaranteed that they won’t be impressed by their complete lack of an online presence.


#4: “Learning” Experiences


Whether you like it or not, “school is out.” In college, it’s taken for granted that, at times, you’ll experiment with new ideas and they won’t turn out quite like you had planned. In the real world, this could sink your business. If you’re interested in having a feel-good “learning” experience, keep it out of the office. Don’t implement a new, experimental plug-in or script into a client’s website unless you’re absolutely sure it’s going to perform exactly as you have imagined. This type of failure could quickly tarnish the reputation of your business and, ultimately, leave you without ANY business.


If you can avoid these four traps, you’ll be well on your way to establishing a business that, with time, could transform into your legacy. Good luck!

This article is designed for web design business owners looking for helpful advice about managing their web design company. For many web design firms. this information can help increase productivity and revenue!


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